Miller Shines in Visa Ad

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"It's everywhere you want to be." Remember that Visa credit card slogan from back in the day? If not, check out the vintage VISA commercial circa 1987:

These days, Visa commercials have taken things to a whole new level. Mixing sports and comedic relief in their latest ad is a win-win formula. But having Morgan Freeman voiceover a commercial that features current San Francisco 49ers fullback and former UCF defensive end Bruce Miller? To borrow a line from another credit card company, that's "Priceless." 

In the video above, Miller is in the spotlight a ton next to quarterback Alex Smith and linebacker Patrick Willis, all while showing off his impressive beard and receiving encouraging words from one lucky fan. There is even a glimpse of the back of his No. 49 jersey in a shot that shows the entire huddle. 

The final scene in the commercial has to be one that Miller's friends and family, and all UCF fans, can appreciate as he walks side-by-side with head coach Jim Harbaugh in slow motion. By his prominent role in the Visa ad, it appears that Miller's infectious personality that won over his teammates and an entire fan base at UCF has spread to the Bay Area. 

Now in his second year, Miller continues to spearhead of the NFL's leading rushing attacks that features Pro Bowler Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter. Tonight offers a chance to see Miller in the national spotlight once again when the 49ers host Seattle at 8:20 p.m. on the NFL Network.

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