Knights Help Out Military in El Paso

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More than 1,700 miles separates Orlando, Florida from El Paso, Texas, which is where UCF conference foe UTEP is located. That was the furthest distance the Knights football team had to travel for a road contest this season.

Because the game was so far away the UCF ticket office had some leftover tickets in the Knights' seating section. It didn't take the department too long to put those tickets to use.

UCF Director of Ticket Sales, Torey Brewer, has a brother stationed in the Army at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, who was planned to going to the UCF game since the beginning of the season. What Brewer didn't plan on was bringing a good portion of his army friends with him.

Major Breck Brewer decided to email his army colleagues that UCF was donating tickets for them to come out to the Sun Bowl to cheer on the Knights. Brewer got about 150 replies in two days.

"We really appreciate the University of Central Florida helping us with this and giving these guys a good weekend in celebration of the troops that are doing their part to preserve the countries freedom," Major Brewer said.

"I was really happy to be a part of that and help deliver some tickets to these guys just so they can come out here and have fun tonight and cheer for the Knights," Brewer continued.

Captain Joseph Breig is a West Palm Beach native and is stationed with Brewer in El Paso. He said cheering for the Knights on Saturday made him feel like he was back in college again.

"I loved it," Captain Breig said. "I haven't been to a college game since I was in college."

Other members of the army said it was great to spend time with their friends outside of work and cheering on the Knights.

"It's great seeing people from work here," First Class Sergeant Annette Cisneros said. "It's nice they did this for the soldiers."

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