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- Rice was physically undersized and it showed. 16 second chance points for the Knights compared to Rice's total of 3.
- Clanton faced constant double teams and had a very rare off night (still had 10 rebounds and 5 assists) which led the way for Newell to step up. Newell had 24 points that included 5 three-pointers. Best stat line of the night for Newell you ask? Only one turnover. #CalvinandHobbsfor3
- Even better than Spurlock's 14 points were his 12 rebounds. I really like the way Spurlock is becoming more of a complete player. #PopSpurlockAndDropIt
- Rice is very well coached and did a solid job of mixing up defenses to try and confuse the Knights. Owls would go from zone to man throughout the night. When the Knights utilized their drive and kick action it was nearly unstoppable. Would have liked to see the ball go in the post more.
- Learning game for Walker. Time, score and possession are all parts of the game that he must think about. He will get better with each game #notafreshmananymore
- Sykes with another simple 24-point performance. Oh, and he was 9-of-10 from the free throw line. One more time... he was 9-of-10! #beast #theyarefree

- Half-court defense was not consistent but it was effective. Knights were too big, too strong and too fast for Owls to really get in any kind of rhythm.
- Newell has chance to one of the greatest on ball defenders UCF has seen in a long time. If he wants; only if he wants it.
- UCF outrebounded the Owls 38-21 #hoothoot #badjoke #whysoserious
- Remember that time when Rice player Keith Washington tried to take a wide open layup with 5 minutes left in the second half and then was viciously blocked by Isaiah Sykes? That was funny. #SykesYouOut
- 2 huge steals for Calvin in the second half. A definite momentum shift when the UCF offense seemed to be going cold.
- During conference play every team knows you offensively and scouts accordingly. The Owls doubled Clanton every time in the post and tried to cut off drives by Sykes and Newell. Therefore, you win games with your defense. It wasn't pretty but most conference wins never are. It's still a win!

- Conference games are gritty, they are physical and they are won with defense. Every win matters in conference play and this was a big one!
- Spurlock really has been great in all of UCF's conference games.
- All-American trainer Andy Reber was wearing a tan/brown suit with an accented brown shirt and tie...very sharp. Don't know if anyone truly wins best dressed last night. Sports Info Director of the Year Doug Richards sported a preppy cardigan look. Everyone's favorite Allstate agent Scott Rose was spotted wearing a scarf. I'll say that again, he was wearing a scarf #tougherthanme #jpclarkwouldbeproud
- The stormtrooper was in the student section again. I really want to walk up to him, wave my hand in front of him, and say "these aren't the droids you're looking for." #starwars #jedimindtrick
- Who is @UCFGauntlet?
- 4,556 was attendance total. Where you at Knight fans? Some great basketball is being played in your backyard!!!
- P.S. I heard Beyonce lip sync the Star Spangled Banner... I bet the UCF band would never do that.

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