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General Information & Policies

Admission and Ticket Scanning
All guests entering Bright House Networks Stadium must have a valid ticket or UCF student identification card for admission unless they are younger than 2 years of age. Once guests enter the stadium, they may not exit and re-enter.

As you enter Bright House Networks Stadium, an attendant will scan the bar code on your ticket with a handheld ticket scanner. Please make sure that each person in your party presents his or her ticket individually.

Alcoholic Beverages
Alcoholic beverages ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED from being brought inside Bright House Networks Stadium. No alcoholic beverages are authorized in the stadium on game day (except in the stadium suites, club seats, the club lounge and the East Side Club). Anyone with alcoholic beverages may be ejected from the stadium. No refunds will be granted in these cases.

Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by persons younger than 21 years of age. Anyone consuming alcohol must be prepared to show proof that he or she is 21 years or older.

The University of Central Florida's drug and alcohol policy states that the sale, service, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages shall comply with state and federal laws. This policy shall remain in effect for all home football games. However, county ordinances relating to open containers shall not be applicable or enforced during the following times, thereby permitting alcoholic beverages to be consumed during these authorized hours only by anyone 21 years of age or older.

For weekend games starting before 6 p.m., the open-container waiver shall be in effect from 8 a.m. until game start.

For weekend games starting at 6 p.m. or later, the open-container waiver shall be in effect from 12 p.m. until game start. 

For weekday games, the open-container waiver shall be in effect from 4 p.m. until game start.

For the Thanksgiving Day game, the open-container waiver shall be in effect from 12 p.m. until game start.

This policy only applies to the main UCF campus and not the surrounding area.

No public sale or distribution of alcohol is authorized on campus (except in permanent dining establishments). Kegs, glass containers and beer funnels are not authorized on campus.

The following activities are prohibited at all times:
(1) Any rapid, excessive or irresponsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.
(2) Drinking contests or games or any other activities that involve the rapid and/or excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages


Animal Policy
Animals, except for service animals, are not allowed on campus on game day. Anyone who brings an animal that is not a service animal will be asked to take it home.

A service animal is not a pet; rather, a service animal is an animal that is trained to perform tasks for an individual with a disability. The tasks may include, but are not limited to, guiding a person who is visually impaired or blind, alerting a person who is deaf or hard of hearing, pulling a wheelchair, assisting with mobility or balance, alerting and protecting a person who is having a seizure, retrieving objects, or performing other special tasks. If necessary, university or law enforcement officials may ask a person with an animal on campus what specific services the animal is trained to perform in order to determine its validity as a service animal.

Six ATMs are throughout the Bright House Networks Stadium main concourse.

Banners, Signs, and Flags
Signs (up to 22 x 28 inches) are authorized inside Bright House Networks Stadium; however, no banners, flags, signs with poles, sticks or braces are allowed.

Bicycle Parking
Bicycle parking racks are located outside of Gates 6-9 on the north end of Bright House Networks Stadium.

Bus Parking
Parking for charter buses will be available on game day. Buses will be able to drop passengers off at Bright House Networks Stadium (via the E6-E7 lot entrance to Gate 13) and then park at the Research Pavilion in the Central Florida Research Park adjacent to campus. Postgame pickup will be at Gate 13. All buses must be registered and possess proper credentials for admittance to campus and parking. For detailed information, call 407-823-4299.

No video cameras are permitted inside the stadium. Still cameras (professional) or cameras with lenses more than five inches long and/or 50mm and above are also not permitted.

Chairback Seats
Individual chairback seats are prohibited. However, chairback seats are available for rental on a season basis by calling 1-800-510-5614 or by visiting www.knightseats.com. Metal-based seats or folding chairs are prohibited.

There are 11 permanent concession stands and multiple concession kiosks located throughout the stadium on the main concourse.

Disability Accommodations -- Assisted-Listening Devices
Assisted-Listening Devices (ALDs) are available at the stadium ticket office located outside the base of the Roth Tower - adjacent to Gate 1.

Disability Accommodations -- Parking
Parking for guests with disabilities is available on the first level of Garage D with a proper Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles permit on a first-come, first-served basis. The individual who was issued the permit must be with the vehicle. Garage D is located at the intersection of North Orion Boulevard and Gemini Boulevard East. A free shuttle for patrons with disabilities and fans who accompany them will be provided from Garage D to Bright House Networks Stadium (Gate 13). Those shuttles will run from two hours prior to kickoff until two hours after kickoff. Throughout the game and postgame, shuttles will be available, picking up from Gate 13, to return patrons with disabilities to Garage D.

Additional disabled parking spaces are available throughout the campus, and all of these spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis to any guest with a disability who displays an authorized Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles permit; however, no direct shuttle service will be available for these spaces.

Disability Accommodations -- Seating
Seating for guests with disabilities is located throughout Bright House Networks Stadium on the first and second levels and on the club level. Customers who require special assistance are urged to make all ticket arrangements well in advance by contacting the UCF Athletics Ticket Office at 407-823-1000.


Drones are prohibited on the UCF campus on game days.

The Roth Tower (west side of the stadium) has three elevators to accommodate club ticket holders, suite holders, disabled guests, and credentialed media and staff. The east side of the stadium has one elevator to accommodate general ticket holders and guests with disabilities. Guests with disabilities will have priority in using the elevators.

Fan Hotlines
On home game days, fans can contact a special game day hotline if they have questions. Fans with questions can call 407-882-FANS (407-882-3267). Fans can call starting at 8 a.m. on weekend home game days and starting at 10 a.m. on weeknight home game days.

Once inside the stadium, fans can text "71855" and type into the message "UCF" followed by a brief description of an issue and its location. Public safety personnel, first-aid responders or event staff will respond as needed.

First-Aid Rooms/Medical Services
The stadium first-aid facility is located in the northeast corner of the stadium on the main concourse adjacent to Gate 10. An additional first-aid station is located on the main concourse across from Gate 18 (behind Section 106). Orange County Fire Rescue teams will provide emergency medical services on the campus and in the stadium on game day. Two rest/aid stations staffed by American Red Cross volunteers will be located on Memory Mall.

UCF encourages all fans to take precautions to stay healthy. We want all of our fans to be well so they can enthusiastically cheer for the Knights on game day.

All gates for fans open 90 minutes prior to kickoff for the general public. Gates will open two hours prior to kickoff for stadium suite patrons and credentialed media/staff.

Gate 1: Roth Tower Lobby, Club Seating, Stadium Suites and Operations

Gates 2 - 6: General Fan Entrance

Gates 7 - 9: UCF Students' Entrance (with valid ID) and Student Admit Resolutions

Gate 10: Service Entrance, Game Day Staff, Marching Bands, Cheerleaders and Performers, UCF Athletics Non-Football Prospects

Gate 11: General Fan Entrance and Visiting Team Will Call

Gates 12 - 15: General Fan Entrance

Gate 16: Football Team Guests, UCF Football Prospects and FHSAA Coaches

Gate 17: Service Entrance, Vendors and Game Day Staff

Gate 18: Media (all media can enter here 3 hours before kickoff) and General Fan Entrance

Golf Carts/ATVs
Non-official UCF golf carts, all-terrain vehicles and utility vehicles are strictly prohibited on the UCF campus on game day. Only "official-use" golf carts are permitted and they must be properly credentialed through the university.

Guest Services
UCF is committed to providing fans the ultimate game day experience. Should you have any questions or need assistance, Guest Services Centers are located in and around Bright House Networks Stadium for your convenience.

Lost and Found
During the game, lost and found items will be taken to the Guest Services kiosk located on the main concourse at Gate 18. Unclaimed articles will be taken to the UCF Athletics Facility and Operations Department shortly after the conclusion of the game. Call 407-823-0673 for more information.

Official UCF Knights merchandise can be purchased on game day at locations inside and outside the stadium. Merchandise is also available online at www.UCFAthletics.com.

Parking (See Traffic & Parking tab for more information)
The UCF campus includes enough parking spaces to accommodate game day crowds. On game days, the campus will be divided into three parking zones:

Gold Zone - Reserved Parking (by Permit Only)

Preferred parking lots and garages are located in the northeast sector of campus and are closest to Bright House Networks Stadium. Gold Zone lots require a valid football game day parking permit and are reserved for members of the Golden Knights Club, credentialed media, stadium operations personnel, patrons with disabilities and selected others. Permits must be properly displayed at all times from the rearview mirror. All permits are limited to one parking space. Tailgating (not permitted in any parking garage) is to be confined to the area immediately behind your vehicle and shall not impede traffic flow or parking spaces for other vehicles. Preferred routing to Gold Zone parking (from the south) is via Libra Drive/Gemini Boulevard East and (from the north or west) via McCulloch Road/North Orion Boulevard.

Red Zone - General and Official University Business Parking

Red Zone lots are located in the south-southwest sector of campus. Parking is free and provided on a first-come, first-served basis unless otherwise designated. Preferred routing to Red Zone parking (from the south) is via Alafaya Trail/Central Florida Boulevard and (from the north or west) via Alafaya Trail/University Boulevard. Parking lots B4 and B6, both located at the intersection of Central Florida Boulevard and Gemini Boulevard South, are reserved for official university business.

UCF's new Libra Garage on Libra Drive is located in the Red Zone. Following games, vehicles parked in this garage will be permitted to make only right turns to exit.

Blue Zone - General Parking

Blue Zone lots are located in the northwest sector of campus. Parking is free and provided on a first-come, first-served basis unless otherwise designated. The Blue Zone includes Garage H located between the FAIRWINDS Alumni Center and the Lake Claire Apartments. Garage H will be reserved for authorized students displaying SGA-provided parking passes, credentialed staff and cash-paying customers ($20) on a first-come, first-served basis. Preferred campus entrances for Blue Zone parking are on Alafaya Trail at Gemini Boulevard North, Centaurus Drive or University Boulevard.

Important Notes Regarding Parking/Traffic:

  1. For information on the times when campus lots and garages open for game day parking, go to the Tailgating section under the Game Day tab.
  2. For information about parking for fans with disabilities, go to the Disabled Parking section under the Traffic & Parking tab.
  3. Following a two-year customer service study, UCF Athletics announced a change to traffic flow patterns following UCF Football games at Bright House Networks Stadium. The goal of these changes is efficient post-game traffic patterns, helping fans access many of the main roads around campus to exit heavy on-campus traffic as quickly as possible. During these post-game traffic pattern changes, two areas are completely closed to motor-vehicle traffic. The section of Gemini Boulevard North in front of CFE Arena is for pedestrian use only, as is a section of North Orion Boulevard near the football practice fields.

  4. Gemini Boulevard North (from Parking Garage H to North Orion Boulevard) will be closed to all traffic from two hours prior to the published game start time until game start. From game start until midway through the 4th quarter, this road will be open to all traffic. This road will again be closed to all traffic from midway through the 4th quarter until two hours following the end of the game (or as required).
  5. North Orion Boulevard: Only Gold Zone patrons with valid credentials will be authorized to enter/exit the campus via North Orion Boulevard (north entrance accessible from McCulloch Road) from two hours prior to kickoff until the end of the 1st quarter. In general, valid credentials will only include GKC Gold Zone parking passes, SGA Gold Zone parking passes, Garage E and Garage G parking passes, handicapped parking permits and operational support vehicle passes. Permits must be properly displayed at all times from the rearview mirror. From the end of the 1st quarter through postgame, all North Orion Boulevard lanes will be dedicated to traffic exiting campus.
  6. No parking is authorized on East Plaza Drive on game days until two hours following the end of the game (or when authorized by UCF PD). Patrons who violate this restriction are subject to towing and fines.
  7. Parking is only authorized in designated parking lots and garages. Patrons who illegally park on or along any campus roadways or in other non-designated parking areas are subject to towing and fines.
  8. Normal university parking decals/hang tags will not be honored on football game days, except for permanently assigned campus residential housing.
  9. Parking lot B4, located at the intersection of Central Florida Boulevard and Gemini Boulevard South, is reserved for official university business.
  10. Park-and-ride services will be available on all home game days from two hours before kickoff until two hours after the game ends. Fans should park at the Research Pavilion, located at 12424 Research Parkway in the Central Florida Research Park adjacent to campus. Shuttles will transport fans from the Research Pavilion to parking lot C1 near the Health and Public Affairs building. No tailgating will be permitted at the Research Pavilion.
  11. For more game day parking and traffic information and maps, go to the various sections under the Traffic & Parking tab.

Courtesy Tram
Courtesy tram services will be available for guests needing assistance to get to Garage D, where the shuttle bus for fans with disabilities can take them to and from the stadium.

The courtesy tram operations will be provided on a continuous basis starting four hours prior to published game start and ending two hours after the game concludes. For more information about the tram's stops and a map, visit the Courtesy Tram link under the Traffic & Parking tab.

Uber, Taxis and Other Rides for Hire:

Fans using Uber, taxis or other services for pickup during or after the game should designate Gemini Boulevard North in front of the CFE Arena as their pick up spot. Vehicles should enter campus from Alafaya Trail and Gemini Boulevard North. Drivers will be routed to make a U-turn in front of the Arena, pick up their passengers and then exit to Alafaya Trail via Gemini Boulevard North. Due to the campus traffic flow, the front of the Arena is the closest, most convenient pick up point for fans leaving the game. Fans who arrive before the game can be dropped off closer to the stadium.

RV Parking

Information about RV parking for members of the Golden Knights Club and other fans is available at the RV Parking link under the Traffic & Parking tab.

Prohibited Behavior
Unruly, threatening or disruptive behavior (such as standing in the aisles, portals or concourses; profane or abusive language; smoking; fighting; throwing of any objects; and drunkenness) will not be tolerated and can result in ejection, arrest, and/or loss of season-ticket privileges. Should you observe any type of disruptive behavior, please notify the nearest law enforcement officer or event staff person.

Prohibited Items
To ensure that all guests have a safe and enjoyable visit to Bright House Networks Stadium, guests are not permitted to bring the following items into the stadium:

  • Aerosol cans (hair spray, pepper spray, etc.)
  • Artificial noisemakers, including Thundersticks
  • Horns or whistles
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Bags (grocery, duffle, backpacks, luggage, large bags, large purses, large camera cases, etc.) 8 1/2 x 14 x 10 inches is maximum size for entry
  • Balloons (air or helium)
  • Banners and flags
  • Balls (beach balls, footballs, baseballs, etc.)
  • Cans/bottles
  • Coolers (hard or soft sided)
  • Confetti or glitter
  • Fireworks/flares
  • Frisbees
  • Food and drink
  • Illegal substances
  • Laser pointers
  • Personal chairback seats
  • Picnic baskets
  • Strollers (Stroller check-ins are located at the Guest Services tents inside Gates 14 and 18. You may be permitted to enter through any stadium gate with a stroller)
  • Tripods
  • Umbrellas
  • Video cameras or Camcorders
  • Still cameras (professional) with lenses longer than five inches and/or 50mm and above
  • Weapons. No weapons are allowed in the stadium. Possession of a firearm or any other weapon is strictly forbidden. Possession of such a weapon will result in immediate confiscation, ejection and possible arrest.

The following items will be permitted after inspection:

  • Signs (must be no larger than 22 x 28 inches and no poles, sticks or braces allowed)
  • Binoculars and binocular cases
  • Cameras and small camera cases (must comply with the camera/lens limits)
  • Diaper bags (only if accompanied by a child)
  • Small bags, purses and fanny packs (must comply with the bag-size limits)
  • Small radios (must be used with an earpiece)

Please note that all personal belongings will be subject to inspection upon entry into the stadium. Prohibited items that are discovered during security inspections at the stadium entrances must either be returned to the owner's vehicle or discarded. With the exception of children's strollers, items will not be held for later pickup. Unlawful items that are discovered during inspections are subject to being confiscated, and the person in possession of those items is subject to ejection and/or arrest.

Once you are admitted (ticket scanned) into Bright House Networks Stadium, you may not exit the stadium and re-enter using the same ticket. If you have an emergency and must depart the stadium, stop by the Guest Services kiosk at Gate 18 prior to your exit.

Request for Assistance
All requests for assistance and reports of disruptive behavior should be directed to the closest available event staff. Event staff are positioned at each entry/exit portal throughout the stadium for your convenience.

Restrooms for men and women are beneath the stands on the main concourse. Family/Special Needs restrooms are located on the main concourse behind sections 106, 114, 125 and 133.

Security for Bright House Networks Stadium and the UCF campus will be coordinated by the UCF Police Department with support from the Orange County Sheriff's Office, Seminole County Sheriff's Office, Oviedo Police Department and Florida Highway Patrol. Additionally, Florida Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco officers will be patrolling the campus. The security office for Bright House Networks Stadium is located on the main concourse adjacent to Gate 10.

Security Measures
In order to provide a safe environment for our fans, the following security measures will be in effect:

  • All persons entering the stadium are subject to visual inspection of all items carried into the stadium. Fans are encouraged to leave their belongings in their vehicle whenever possible.
  • Searches may cause delays in entering the stadium. Gates open 90 minutes prior to kickoff, and fans are encouraged to arrive early.
  • Law enforcement personnel may conduct random inspections of any vehicles parking near the stadium. Authorized UCF representatives have the right to stop any hazardous or inappropriate activities anywhere on campus, including in the stadium. Individuals conducting hazardous or inappropriate activities are subject to arrest and prosecution under applicable state and federal statutes.
  • Offenders' names will be forwarded to the UCF Athletics Association by the law enforcement representative reporting the citation. Offenders may be issued a warning by the UCF Athletics Association or lose their ticket privileges.
  • UCF students are also responsible for adhering to all Rules of Conduct as outlined in the UCF Golden Rule. Student referrals will be made to the Office of Student Conduct.

Shuttles - Students
UCF will operate student shuttle buses for all normally serviced apartment complexes (except Tivoli, Northgate and NorthView due to their close proximity to the stadium) on each home football game day. For more information, please visit the Student Shuttles page.

Shuttles - Patrons With Disabilities
UCF will transport patrons with disabilities on game days from Garage D (pick-up at west exit ramp - Arena side) to Bright House Networks Stadium (drop off at Gate 13). The shuttle will be available to return patrons with disabilities from Gate 13 back to Garage D during and after the game. The shuttles will begin operating from Garage D two hours prior to kickoff.

University regulations govern solicitations on campus. Please see the full regulation pertaining to solicitations. This regulation includes specific policies related to game days.

Smoke-free UCF
The University of Central Florida is a smoke-free campus. The policy covers employees, students, visitors, vendors and others while on all UCF-owned or leased property. Smoking will continue to be prohibited inside Bright House Networks Stadium. For details on the smoke-free policy, visit www.ucf.edu/smokefree.

UCF Athletics offers a courtesy stroller check-in at the Guest Services tent located inside gates 14 and 18. A claim check will be given to the patron at the time of check-in and will be required to reclaim the stroller following the game.

Please click on the Tailgating and Memory Mall links under the Game Day tab for complete information on tailgating guidelines.

Ticket Information
Assistance with any ticket issue can be obtained by contacting the UCF Athletics Ticket Office, located in the Sales and Service Area of Wayne Densch Building 38, at 407-823-1000. Office hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Will Call
General Public - Stadium Ticket Office (west side)
Media - Gate 18 (west side)
UCF Player Guest - Gate 16 (south side)
Visiting Team Player Guest - Gate 11 (east side)
FHSAA Coaches Pass - Gate 16 (south side)

The general public will call, located between Gates 18 and 1, will open at 9 a.m. on game days and remain open through halftime. All other will call locations will open 90 minutes prior to kickoff and remain open through halftime. Picture identification is required to pick up tickets at will call.