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The UCF Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 1998 to honor members of past athletic teams who have excelled in intercollegiate athletics at UCF, or gained national recognition in athletics following their departure from campus. It also gives special recognition to non-athletes who have contributed significantly to the development of the UCF Athletics program.

Nominees are not eligible until 10 years after they last participated in intercollegiate athletics at the University. Eligible inductees beyond individual student-athletes comprise of teams, coaches, administrators/staff and donors/supporters.

The UCF Athletics Hall of Fame has 75 inductees, highlighted by former coaches, athletes, national championship teams and administrators.

Categories for Induction
Legendary Knights - Letterwinners/athletes who have brought recognition and prominence to the University and themselves by athletic accomplishments as an undergraduate.

Distinguished Letterwinners - Letterwinners/athletes who have made major contributions to the University athletic program through personal time, effort, interest and through many years of continued service and/or have distinguished themselves as exceptional in their chosen field or endeavor.

Honorary Letterwinners - Individuals, coaches, athletic officials, staff members and other University officials, who were not letterwinners/athletes at UCF, yet have rendered outstanding service to the intercollegiate athletics program through personal time, effort, interest and through many years of continued service.

2015 Class
Stephanie Best Softball 2002-05
Dee Brown Baseball 2002-05
Asante Samuel Football 1999-02
1978 Volleyball National Champions 1978
2013 Class
Dan Burke Football 1979-82
Lou Cioffi Men's Soccer 1978-79
Don Jonas Football Head Coach 1979-81
Justin Pope Baseball 1999-01
2003 Cheerleaders National Champions 2003
2011 Class
Jenny Frank Volleyball 2000-03
Bernard Ford Football 1985-87
Greg Jefferson Football 1991-94
Cliff Kresge Men's Golf 1988-90
Jorge Magluta Football 1981-85
Manny Messeguer Honorary Letterwinner
Art Zeleznik Administration 1982-09
2010 Class
Elgin Davis Football 1983-86
Wayne Densch Honorary Letterwinner
Michael O'Shaugnessy Football 1979-80
Alexander "Lex" Wood Men's Tennis 1971-77
Kim Wyant Women's Soccer 1982-85
2009 Class
Sylvester Bembery Football 1984-87
Chariya Davis Women's Basketball 1995-99
Bennie Shaw Men's Basketball 1974-76
2008 Class
Dr. Steve Altman UCF President 1989-91
Dr. Trevor Colbourn UCF President 1978-89
Darryl Davis Basketball 1991-95
Kelly Kochevar Women's Soccer 1991-94
Dr. Charles Millican UCF Founding President 1965-78
Chad Mottola Baseball 1990-92
Ed O'Brien Football 1984-87
Dr. Jack O'Leary UCF Director of Athletics 1976-81
Darrell Rudd Football 1981-84
2006 Class
Jason Arnold Baseball 1998-01
Alan Gooch Football 1983-03
Rick Hamilton Football 1989-92
Lucy McDaniel Women's Volleyball 1975-79
Sinua Phillips Men's Basketball 1990-94
2005 Class
Rony Francois Soccer 1980-83
Franco Grilla Football 1989-92
Dr. Frank Rohter Athletics Director 1968-74
Johnny Rouse Wrestling 1971-72
Marquette Smith Football 1994-95
2004 Class
Mike Gruttadauria Football 1991-94
Tyra Harper Volleyball 1994-97
Ken Leeks Basketball 1988-92
Heikki Ritvanen Soccer 1996-99
2003 Class
Willie English Football 1989-91, 1993
Gerry Gergley Wrestling (Coach) 1970-80
Dennis Kamrad Women's Rowing (Coach) 1973-03
Tari Phillips Basketball 1990-91
David Rhodes Football 1991-94
2002 Class
Daunte Culpepper Football 1995-98
Robert Damron Golf 1991-94
Tim Foskett Baseball 1980-83
Shawn Jefferson Football 1988-90
Renata Menchikova Volleyball 1995-97
Scott Ryerson Football 1980-83
2001 Class
Mike Clark Men's Basketball 1969-73
Tamika Coley Women's Basketball 1991-92, 1993-96
Calvin Lingelbach Men's Basketball and Baseball 1973-78
Jim Rudy Soccer 1975-87
2000 Class
Sean Beckton Football 1987-90
Winston DuBose Men's Soccer 1973-76
Bill Giovanetti Football 1979-82
Susan Patz Women's Basketball 1982-86
Karen Richter Women's Soccer 1987-90
Bob Spitulski Football 1988-91
1999 Class
Amy Allmann Women's Soccer 1984-87
Tim Barker Baseball 1984-85
Jerry Prather Men's Basketball 1974-78
Laura Smith Volleyball 1977-79
1998 Class
Michelle Akers Women's Soccer 1984, 1986-88
Bo Clark Men's Basketball 1975-77, 1978-80
Torchy Clark Men's Basketball (coach) 1969-83

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