You are the Knightmare!

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  • The Knightmare rose from the dust of construction in the early years of CFE Arena.

    With a capacity of nearly 2,500 in CFE Arena, the Knightmare has evolved into one of the largest, loudest, and rowdiest student sections in the nation.

    Entering its third year in the American, the Knightmare has spread to all our venues; cheering on the Knights to the most conference championship in the conference.

    When opponents leave their campuses and arrive in Orlando, they often arrive on campus at UCF and see streets lined with palm trees, beautiful blue skies, and perfect 78-degree temperatures. At that moment, these opponents think they are living in a dream. They might think coming to Orlando means a vacation.

    Then, as they walk out onto our courts and fields, the lights go on and thousands of Knights are waiting for them, they realize this is no dream, no vacation. This is their worst Knightmare! Knightmare Knightmare

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