Knightmare Rewards FAQ

Q: If I have a question or support issue what do I do?
A: There is a built in email system for support and communication to users. You can find the "Question Mark ?" icon at the bottom of the page while you are logged in. Clicking on the question mark will allow you to see past emails and send a new email about your question or support issue. It may take us 48 hours or longer to respond depending on activity. Prior to sending a request please check the FAQ's, How To Play/Points Spread, your Profile and more as most questions can be answered there and if your question/support issue can be answered by the website copy we may not respond back in a timely fashion.

Q: What can be done in my settings?
A: The first thing you should do is check your settings. There are specific elements that can make your experience better, such as opting-in for special promotions, changing username, avatar and more. In addition, you can hide your profile from other users or just hide your social networks so users can see your profile but not your Facebook or Twitter account. Other users can follow you and you can choose to receive an email anytime another user follows you. From there, you can decide to accept them or block them as a follower.

Q: What is a token?
A: Tokens are the digital currency of the social rewards sites. Users can use their tokens to enter into approved promotions for a chance to win cool prizes or use them to purchase items in the rewards store.

Q: How do I get tokens?
A: When a user performs social activities on Facebook, Twitter and other approved social media platforms they will receive points. Points determine the total amount of tokens you have earned. You can find the official points to token ratio on the Points Spread in the "How To Play" section of the site.

Q: Will my points or tokens ever expire?
A: Points and Tokens may expire in the future. If this is the case, more information will be provided on the specifics as the expiration date approaches. However, we will try to give you plenty of time to redeem your tokens/points before they expire, if possible.

Q: How long does the program run?
A: The program will continue forever! Well maybe not forever, but the idea is it's not a temporary program that ends anytime soon, just like your support. The contests, sweepstakes and store items may change but we plan on building more cool items into the program that will make it fun for years to come.

Q: Do I have to connect all my social media accounts in order to participate?
A: No. You choose which social media accounts you would like to connect. However, the more social media sites you connect, the more ways you can win. There will also be other social networks added in the future.

If, at any time, you would like to disconnect your social media accounts you can do so in your PROFILE by selecting the social media account on the left panel and clicking "Disconnect Account" You may also disconnect/remove the application from your Facebook, Twitter or other social network by following their process for disconnecting or removing an application within your profile on their network.

Q: My privacy settings are very strict on Facebook/Twitter/other social networks. Will that affect my ability to earn points?
A: Yes. Be sure that when you accept the Social Rewards applications, you click "Agree" for each of the needed areas. This may also require you to change your app security settings within Facebook to allow the app to post publicly or to your friends. Activities you did prior to changing your app settings will still be captured, but they won't show up on your profile until after you change your settings.

Privacy settings can determine if we are able to display the accurate data and award points as social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, will only share certain data with applications so we cannot be accountable if privacy settings block our ability to display and award points properly. For example, in the case of Twitter, if your account is set to private we will not be able to capture and award points.

Even if privacy settings are correct, there are activities we cannot track that have their own built in privacy mechanisms such as shares on Facebook that are shared to "only me" or "custom" so make sure you share "publicly" or to "friends".

To stay consistent with Facebook, Twitter and other social network policies you will need to initiate the authorization and preferences in order for us to display your activity and award you with points.

Q: How many times per day can I earn points?
A: Your dashboard in your profile page contains the number of time you can submit a day per social activity. Once it turns red, activities are no longer counted towards your overall score - but your team loves all of the extra effort! In addition, some social networks, such as Facebook, only reward points for interactions on more recent posts (i.e. 10 latest posts) and any comments, likes, shares, etc. on older posts will not earn points.

Q: Can I post anything I want?
A: You are allowed to post anything that conforms to the policies of Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, if posts are thought to be spam, derogatory, foul language or personal attacks, or are not in the spirit of supporting the organization, your points and posts may be removed. Such behavior may also result in removal from the social rewards program and any official social media accounts.

Q: What hashtags can I use?
A: You will see a list of approved hash tags under "Get Points" in the Twitter section on your Profile or within the "points spread" in How to Play. Simply click on those Hashtags and start tweeting to earn points. You can also earn points by Tweeting from your phone without being on the social rewards website. In addition you may notice "key words" vs. hashtags including a keyword with a hashtag may be required to vote or enter a Twitter promotion and will be outlined the respective How to Play sections.

Q: Do app invites count towards my social activities for the day?
A: Yes. However, app invites have a separate threshold. You can invite 1 person per day per Reward Program. Points will accrue towards your total points only. Please do not send invites to fake email addresses or the same address multiple times.

Q: Is Spamming or Gaming the system allowed?
A: No. A post with the intent of gaming the system may warrant blocking or removing a user from the program. Setting up fake accounts on social networks with the intent to game the system and earn points may result in points being deducted or removal from the social rewards program. This includes setting up fake Twitter accounts, where the majority of tweets from that account are used to earn social rewards points (as an example an account that may be considered fake if it is opened within a few weeks of the program or an account that has been inactive for months that has less than 10 followers/friends and only Tweets/Posts about Rewards activity), tweeting the same message on multiple team accounts or multiple times, tweeting a photo that has no relevance to the team or using the same photo on multiple tweets, and tweeting using multiple hashtags in the same tweet. Additionally, activities on Facebook or Twitter that are posted and then deleted or pages that are liked and then un-liked in an effort to gain points are not permitted. Also, sharing posts on Facebook that are not categorized as public or with all friends (e.g. sharing with yourself of a limited number of your friends will not be counted) are not allowed. For more examples of posts/activity that can be considered spam please review the following:

Q: I have completed the activities but I did not earn points right away. Why is that?
A: Sometimes there is a delay in points showing up on your dashboard. Points can take longer than 24 hours to appear depending on the social networks and usage. Facebook tends to take the longest for points to display. The time it takes to display points will vary across specific activities, such as shares, likes or comments. In most cases, it takes about four (4) hours to earn points. If you have your settings properly set and you don't see your points within 48 hours, email us and we will try to help. Publishing points to your profile may also be delayed. If your points do not have time to post to your profile or a promotion leaderboard prior to the end of a promotion and the time of the official drawing we cannot count them as points for that promotion even though you may have completed the activity prior to the drawing. So get your social activities for points in early!

We count the activities you complete as they come into our system. It is possible that your lower point value activities come into our system first and cause you to reach your maximum daily threshold before your high point value activities can be counted. Even though you may have completed the higher point value activity first, points and activities cannot be counted until they are delivered to our system.

Q: Where do I go to review prizes?
A: Go to the "Promotions" section of the social rewards site, click the button and follow the onscreen prompts. Every promotion and sweepstakes has specific details and dates so be sure and check them! Publishing points to your profile can be delayed. If your points do not have time to post to your profile prior to the end of a promotion or sweepstakes and the time of the official drawing we cannot count them as points for that promotion even though you may have completed the activity prior to the drawing. So get your social activities for points in early!

Q: When is the deadline to win a Prize?
A: Each promotion or sweepstakes will have a deadline. Please check the "Promotion" section and prize section for details. Each promotion will have a "Details" section that will outline the specifics on how to win. Publishing points to your profile can be delayed. If your points do not have time to post to your profile prior to the end of a promotion or sweepstakes and the time of the official drawing we cannot count them as points for that promotion or sweepstakes even though you may have completed the activity prior to the drawing. So get your social activities for points in early!

Q: I haven't received the prize I redeemed my points for. Who do I need to contact?
A: You can use the "Question Mark?" icon to send us an email. Please include which item you redeemed your points for, when you redeemed them and your contact information.

Q: Social Network Disclosure
A: The owners of this program agree to not directly compensate individuals participating in the rewards program for specific content that they may choose to share on their individual social network accounts, including: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others. Individuals that choose to share content from this program either through the social rewards program or directly do so on an entirely voluntary basis, and have acknowledged by using this site and by participating in the social rewards program that they will not be compensated for any specific postings that they may choose to share. This is to ensure compliance with: Facebook, Twitter, Google and other approved social network that are part of the social rewards programs. Users should review the terms of all approved social networks as part of participating in the social rewards program.

Q: Federal Trade Commission Disclosure
A: The Federal Trade Commission, under their revised Endorsement Guidelines require the disclosure of affiliate relationship and material connection for individuals posting content where they may be materially compensated. This disclosure is hereby provided. Although we do not directly compensate individuals in any manner for individual content promotions or postings, individuals that sign up for the social rewards program in general may receive compensation in the form of coupons, discounts, contest entries for prizes, and other incentives. Please note that these incentives are provided solely as part of a larger rewards program and a user participation is done so voluntarily. In addition a user is not required to create positive post/shares/tweets, etc. in order to earn points and that daily opportunities to earn points are capped.

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