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Irish Cheers
Day 4

8/31/2014 As our last full day in Ireland came around, we were overwhelmed with excitement to cheer on our Knights.

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Irish Cheers
Day Three

8/30/2014 After an eventful day full of a few wrong turns and much anticipated pep rallies, we are more than ready for the big game tomorrow,

Irish Cheers
Day Two

8/29/2014 Junior Samantha Litten blogs following the Knights' second day in Dublin, Ireland, as the squad prepares for the Croke Park Classic on Saturday.

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Irish Cheers

8/27/2014 After two flights and over nine hours of travel, and a few bumps along the way, the UCF cheerleading team made it safely to Dublin, Ireland for the Croke Park Classic. Junior Samantha Litten blogs about the squad's first day.

Knight Lifer

8/20/2014 Wednesday marked the 30th anniversary of Linda Gooch's hire date, and it's very clear that the woman is the living embodiment of not only UCF Cheerleading, but UCF Athletics as a whole.

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