Fall Ball Week 1 Update

Oct. 2, 2013

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By Andrew Jennette

ORLANDO, Fla. (UCFKnights.com) - It has been a little over a week since the start of UCF baseball's fall practice schedule and head coach Terry Rooney has already seen several positive signs from his program. Rooney spoke about what's impressed him, what he thinks the team needs to continue to improve upon and many more topics in the first installment of our weekly baseball fall update.

UCFKnights.com: We're a week into camp and you've gotten to see several scrimmages so far. What are you most pleased with thus far?

TR: After one week of practice, what I'm most pleased with is the energy, the effort and the way the 24 newcomers have acclimated themselves to the program. The returning players and the leadership within our program deserves the credit for that. The returning players have explained to all the newcomers what it takes and really what our expectations are every single day. Certainly to me, that's what I'm most pleased with. Everybody understands what the expectations are and they've brought forth a great effort.

UCFKnights.com: Obviously there is a long way to go, but what's one area that needs to be improved upon?

TR: After one week of practice, we need to throw more strikes as a pitching staff. That is clearly the No. 1 aspect we need to get better at. Everybody does. Just as a staff collectively, we need to throw a lot more strikes.

UCFKnights.com: The team has been working hard on fundamentals early on in camp and that's something you stress as a coaching staff, how has that been progressing?

TR: We've been doing an average job with our fundamentals. After the first week, the first week of fall is always a little bit tougher because you're trying to implement a few things and get guys to play a certain tempo and pace. A lot of times it's almost too much for kids. It's not a negative, they are just learning to do it."

UCFKnights.com: What individual or position group has impressed you the most so far?

TR: I've been very impressed with our speed in the outfield. Our defense up the middle and our defense in the outfield in particular has been very good. They have done a very good job and that's been a very strong area for us so far.

Be sure to check back with UCFKnights.com next week for the next fall baseball update.



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