Fall Ball Week 2 Update

Oct. 9, 2013

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By Andrew Jennette

ORLANDO, Fla. (UCFKnights.com) – It is two weeks into UCF baseball's fall practice schedule and the players are continuing to work hard and show improvement. UCFKnights.com caught up with UCF assistant baseball coach Ryan Klosterman, who spoke about the strong competition at multiple positions and much more in our second installment of our weekly baseball fall update.

UCFKnights.com: It’s been two weeks since the start of camp, what have you see from the team that you’ve liked so far?

RK: The things I’ve enjoyed the most is seeing all these guys come together. We 24 new guys, it been great seeing these guys get on the same page of what we’re trying to do here at UCF. We’re getting them to buy into what we’re doing and to continue moving this program in the direction we have been the last few years and that’s into the postseason.

UCFKnights.com: UCF baseball does things a certain way and the program has double the amount of new players as it has returning players. How challenging can it be to show so many new players the standards of excellence that you expect as a program?

RK: It can be very challenging, but these guys have been working hard, not just on the field but in the classroom they are doing a very good job and in the weight room they have really been getting after it. For us to get them out of the field the last two weeks, the first thing you really notice right away is that there is a lot more athleticism on the field, all the way around the field.

UCFKnights.com: You work primarily with the infielders, what’s something you’ve noticed specifically with that position group that’s impressed you?

RK: I think we might have been a little short-handed last year as far as depth goes in the infield. Going through practice now, we genuinely go three deep at every infield spot. It’s honestly built more team competition which is never a bad thing. I think our guys are getting better because of that and continue to push each other because of that. It’s a good problem to have.

UCFKnights.com: We know you don’t work directly with the pitching staff, what’s been your impressions on that group thus far?

RK: It’s really very similar to our infield. We’ve got a lot of depth on the mound, guys that give different looks from the right and left side. I’m a big fan of what our pitchers can become. The way we practice, we jump right into scrimmaging right away and so guys have to learn on the fly. But they are all getting a grasp on it and we just want to see that continued improvement 



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