Baseball Conducts Draft for Black and Gold World Series

GO KNIGHTS Darnell Sweeney will represent the Gold team in the Black and Gold World Series.
Darnell Sweeney will represent the Gold team in the Black and Gold World Series.

Oct. 25, 2011

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By Eric DeSalvo

ORLANDO, Fla. ( - After a month of team workouts, drills and scrimmages, UCF baseball's fall camp will draw to a close when it hosts the Black and Gold World Series beginning Wednesday at 3 p.m. On Tuesday, coaches conducted their draft to determine the two teams going head-to-head in the three-day intrasquad event.

Game two will take place Thursday at 3 p.m., with the finale taking place under the lights Friday night at 6:30 p.m. at the baseball complex. Admission to all fans is free.

If the first two games are split, then the winner of the third game will be declared the champion. However if one team wins the first two contests, the team that is 0-2 can still win the title by winning game three by an amount of runs that is greater than the sum of the run differential of the first two games.

All three games will be six innings, and the Black team will bat eight players, while the Gold will bring nine to the plate. The designated home team will use the 1st base dugout. The Gold will be the home squad in games one and three.

Assistant coach Ryan Klosterman will manage the Black, while fellow assistant Brandon Romans will head the Gold team. Tuesday's draft yielded the following squads:

Gold Team
#9 C Ryan Breen
#1 IF Travis Shreve
#21 IF Darnell Sweeney
#13 IF James Vasquez
#44 RHP Ryan Meyer
#24 LHP Joe Rogers
#33 LHP Harrison Hukari
#36 RHP Ray Hanson
#29 C Ethan Smith
#19 RHP Ben Lively
#32 RHP Bryan Brown
#35 RHP Roman Madrid
#6 OF JoMarcos Woods
#10 OF Erik Barber
UTIL Cody Adams
IF Jeramy Matos

Black Team
#42 IF D.J. Hicks
#37 RHP Gregg Cooke
#39 OF Alex Friedrich
#14 IF Tommy Williams
#34 LHP Jimmy Reed
#2 OF Ronnie Richardson
#30 UTIL Nick Carrillo
#3 IF Spencer Haynes
#25 LHP Eric Skoglund
#43 RHP Matt Collins
#15 C Dale Irving
#11 RHP Garrett Nuss
#16 LHP Brian Adkins
#41 LHP Chris Matulis
#18 Chase Darhower
RHP Shawn McDorman



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