UCF-Rutgers Postgame Quotes



Feb. 26, 2014

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UCF head coach Donnie Jones

"I give Rutgers credit. They played very well.  They got up 15 on us and I thought there were a lot of good efforts down the stretch."

"We obviously had a foul problem with Sykes, which always throws our team off because we are used to him being in there. He's our emotional leader."

"Good effort by our team. I'm really proud of how we competed when we were down."

"These guys feel like they've been competing at a really high level and we're making a move into this next level. It's something that has to be learned. We haven't had to play this competition night in and night out so we're learning mentally the toughness that's involved. The great teams finish down the stretch and that's the difference between the ones at the top of the league and the ones at the bottom of the league. And that's what we did tonight. "

Rutgers Head Coach Eddie Jordan

"You have to play 40 minutes. I thought we played pretty well for 36, but we just didn't come up with the needed baskets down the stretch. They did."

"They got the juice, ya know. Hit some threes, got some daggers in there, pumped you up a little bit. We didn't finish some plays in the paint. The zone, I felt, maybe spooked us a little bit. They were jumping out in the passing lanes and we didn't see the gaps. When we did, we didn't convert. We needed to come up with big plays at the end and we didn't do that."

UCF Senior Tristan Spurlock on his monster dunk
"My teammates are always on me, they see some of the dunking I do in practice. They tell me to just drive it, get low. Especially Zeke, get low and drive it, then jump, nobody is going to jump with you. They kept telling me to keep attacking. When I drove, nobody really stepped up around that arc so I could take off from that range."

UCF Senior Isaiah Sykes on his foul trouble
"I trust my teammates when I'm not on the court. They did a tremendous job of stepping up, everybody on the team contributed down the stretch. It showed in the effort and the win."