Jan. 14, 2014

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By Noe Pickrell

ORLANDO, Fla. ( -- When Matt Williams is not driving the ball down the lane or knocking down 3-pointers, he might be out for a drive with his prized truck. The sophomore member of the UCF men's basketball team has a passion for refurbishing automobiles. His interest in cars and trucks dates back to his youth.

"I've had a love for cars for a while, my uncle would build cars around me," Williams said. "And when I was little we use to always work on the cars together, so I just started liking it."

As he grew older, his love for cars continued to flourish. The Orlando native worked on cars during his time attending Jones High School and even spiced up his dad's truck.

"When I was in high school my dad got this Dodge Durango and I worked on it, added Flow Master exhausts and I put this big country grill on the front of it," he said.

After his experience with the Durango, Williams wanted to keep exercising his mechanic capabilities. He spent his freshmen year at UCF without a vehicle, until one day he found a friend's family member providing him with the opportunity he had been waiting for.

"My best friend's granddad had a `94 GMC Sierra and I had been working, and I wanted it," Williams said. "I saved up and bought it. Then I saved up more and put 18-inch rims on it and painted it. Then I added a stereo system and I put a Flow Master exhaust on it."

Williams says that he enjoyed revamping the vehicle, from changing the spark plugs to tinting the windows. The shooting guard describes the process as one with tremendous personal value.

"It's really rewarding," Williams said. "I take it real serious because knowing cars is a tricky thing, because it can break down on you at any time and you have to know what's wrong with it."

Although, the truck is now giving Williams a bit of trouble, he still says he enjoys spending his day off working on it.

"On Sundays I wash it and put oil in it," said Williams. "It's a hobby, and a stress reliever to go to when school gets really hectic."