George O'Leary UCF-Akron Postgame Quotes



Aug 29, 2013

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Head Coach George O'Leary
On his team's performance:
That first game is the unknown, and I thought the kids went out showed a lot of consistency. They had the second quarter offensively where we dropped those three balls which would have added to the scores and yardage. Overall we played a lot of players and they had the opportunity to get in there and see where they are at. A good solid win, in the kicking game, offense and defense and obviously we have some work to do in some areas but overall I was pleased.

On Blake Bortles:
I thought he was really sharp, there were three drops, whether you like it not, those three are completions. I don't know how many passes he threw, (he) threw a couple away I think. The play where the ball slipped out of his hands and he caught his own pass then made a play; that's what separates quarterbacks who can make plays from those who can't. I thought he was on top of his game. I thought the line, we gave up a little too much pressure early. We held the ball on some of those shorter routes and we need to get rid of the ball. Overall you can grow from this game and make corrections. We played a bunch of kids, got the seconds in there and I told them, now you know why you're seconds, you go in and give up the score. They have to learn from that, we'll go in and look at the tape and just go from there. I thought Blake stepped up, he has a world of talent and we just have to make sure that we keep things going in the right direction.

On the 91-yard TD pass:
I tell you, after the first play before it I thought; whoa it's going to be a long game. He (Breshad Perriman) caught it in stride, made a couple guys miss. He's a talented guy. I thought two of those other plays that were dropped were touchdowns or would've been close to it. I think that we mixed the run and pass fairly well got a chance to look at all three running backs.



On the UCF defense:
I think offensively they (Akron) have some great weapons. I was very pleased the way our secondary played, being so young. I thought they got their hands on some balls, I thought Jacoby Glenn played well as far as tackling in space. I think the biggest thing we have to work on is pass rush. I made the statement before the game that I was anxious to see how they transition to the ball and how they tackle in space, I thought they did a good job. We didn't let the ball get behind us, I think that's number one. We secured a lot of the hidden yards.
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