Post Game Quotes: UCF vs. Marshall



Sept. 24, 2005

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George O'Leary Post Game Press Conference: Marshall September 24, 2005

Opening Statement: Well, I am very happy for the kids. You can hear the excitement in there (the locker room), and I am just very happy for them. They have been under a lot of scrutiny. We talked about circle and we kept the circle very tight. They believed in what we were doing, but we didn't make it easy on ourselves. It was not very pretty, but they finished and I am very proud of them. They had a lot of distractions this week, they hung in there, and they executed well enough to win. A great win for UCF and a great win for our team.

Question: What will this do for the players confidence?

Answer: You heard the noise in there, I am happy for the kids. I think coaches are very resilient; I have been done in by the best of them, so I don't get very concerned about that. I do get concerned when people start pointing fingers at our players, I don't think that is the right thing to do. I think it is a kid's game played by kids, and I think they turn into adults as they play it. I am happy they had some success tonight and won, and get that thing (the streak) off their back. Now let's go out and hopefully get better each week, and see where everything goes from here. I told them we won, we made it hard on ourselves, and we have a lot of improvement to do, but let's just keep getting better each week.

Coach Mark Snyder Post Game Press Conference:

Opening Statement: We did not come out and match their intensity to start the game. Obviously when you go on the road you can't turn the ball over, especially in a hostile environment like that. We had too many penalties. The whole key coming in was they had not won a game in while; you don't want to give them any life. Right off the bat we fumble the ball. The kid makes a great catch in the end zone to go up 7-0 gives them life and the lead.



Question: How did special teams factor into the game?

Answer: I think that our special teams need to play better. We did not match their intensity. They came out and we gave them life, we gave them a chance, we gave them opportunity to score and gain some momentum.

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