George O'Leary UCF-SC Postgame Quotes

Sept. 28, 2013

Final Stats |  Notes

Head Coach George O’Leary

On his team’s performance:
"I thought it was a game of two halves, obviously. We came out and made plays in the first half on defense and on offense. In the second half… again, if you cant stop the run, which I thought we did a very poor job of, you’re going to have a tough time staying in games. If you turn the ball over like we did it’s going to be even harder to stay in games. I thought we sort of shot ourselves in the foot in the second half. We had some penalties that you can’t have. Give South Carolina credit. They came back and did what they had to do. I told the players I didn’t have any problem with their effort but basically as far as making plays on defense and in the run game and the pass game was disappointing in the second half. You can’t do that in ball games. It’s as simple as that and that’s what I told the players right after the game."

On if the game got away from the Knights in the second half:
"I can’t say it got away. We were up 10-0 (halftime) and we give up a 53-yard run in the first series. It was just poor angles of pursuit, they didn’t do anything special. We covered the play at least a dozen or 15 times in practice. They blocked us well and we didn’t get off blocks on that play. We have a lot of young kids and we can’t sustain on turnovers and short fields. Again, when you have a chance to make plays you have to make them and we didn’t make enough plays in the second half. We waited too long to make them, in my opinion, on the two long pass plays. It was a tough game and it’s a loss, that’s what it is."

On not giving up:
"There’s no quit in us. I knew they would never quit. They wouldn’t be in the program if that’s the kind of kids they were. Tough game, tough loss. I think we played with great effort but not smart effort all of the time. We didn’t make enough plays." 



On second half:
"They did what I thought they were going to do earlier in the game, run right at us. Give their running back credit. I think he’s a great running back and he made a lot of people miss tackles. Again, we have people in the huddle that need to lock up and make tackles and we didn’t do it. They’re young kids, you just have to keep working with them. I didn’t think that we stretched the field enough in the second half. They didn’t do anything different, we basically just didn’t sustain blocks."

On missed opportunities:
"When you get down to the 5-yard line, you have to put the ball in the end zone. It’s so hard to get down there and you walk away with three points instead of seven points, which is the difference in ball games. You can’t give up points like that, and we did."