UCF-UConn Postgame Quotes



Oct. 26, 2013

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Head Coach George O'Leary

On his team's performance:
"I challenged the kids all week to stay hungry and get after the game. I thought we went out there and really did a good job in the first half. We were productive on offense and on defense; it was a good overall game. I challenged them to think of it as six championship games. Today was one, now you have five left. Each week you have to treat it like a championship game. Attack it, stay with your accountability and responsibility, regardless. I thought it was a good game, a productive game. I thought the difference on the field was speed. I thought we were very good in space. We got both quarterbacks out there. I thought Blake (Bortles) had a very productive day. The young kid (Justin Holman) -- obviously you can see the talent level he has. He just needs more reps and with more reps he is going to be a very good player."

On starting strong:
"I thought we needed to get out there and score early, just so you don't give them any breath of fresh air as far as what was taking place. We did what we needed to do on the first drive, we took it down and scored and were very efficient. We spread the ball around. There are a lot of kids that did very well in space, which is important."

On Jeff Godfrey:
"There is no question he is versatile. He can do a lot of things. He hasn't thrown the ball yet out the Wild Knight package, but it's always there. I think the more you can do different things, the more you have a chance to stay on the field. That's what is going on offensively. Certain guys can play two or three positions in the running game or passing game and they get more reps. The kids are starting to understand that the more you can do the more you are going to play."

On Blake Bortles:
"We blew a protection on that play. The good quarterbacks in the country take a bad play and make a good play out of it. That's what he did. It should have been a six or seven-yard loss but he had enough awareness to know where the receiver was and loft the ball to Storm Johnson. Then the one he booted out to the field - he can run. There is no doubt he is a talented athlete. I was surprised he out-legged that linebacker down the sideline. I think what he is doing well is that he knows the field. He is keeping the ball alive and as long as you do that, you will have a chance to make plays."

On the UCF offense:
"We don't script anything. We have plays that we want to look at and you hope they don't change much. They went from a 45 to an odd front and I thought we handled it well. I think a lot of that is created by your quarterback directing the flow of traffic in protections."

On Deondre Barnett:
"I brought him up. I said I've been watching that kid on the show team giving Torrian Wilson a hard time as a speed rusher. I said bring him up and dress him, he is going to play. I put him on the nickel team on third down where he didn't have to worry about run reads. I thought he did a good job putting some edge pressure out there. We need to start working with him more in some games and I think he'll be fine. You can't beat speed in the rush, especially when you're a 6-3 guy that has some inside strength. He is only going to help us. He helped more today than we've thought in the past with the speed off the edge."



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