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Nov. 30, 2013

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UCF Football Quotes
vs. USF
November 29, 2013

UCF Head Coach George O’Leary

On his team’s performance:

“When you don’t play very well and have five turnovers, you don’t usually win games like that. When you come back and score at the end to win the game, ya know, what else can you say? We didn’t play very well on offense. I don’t think the quarterback or anybody played well but we still came up with a win. I thought the defense kept us around most of the day. It was a good win. It gave us a piece of the conference championship. I congratulated the players but obviously I told them you have to play better than that if you want to continue to keep winning.”

On the UCF offense:

“Nothing bothers me more than turnovers. I thought they were sloppy and irresponsible. I thought our offensive line didn’t sustain blocks and did a poor job pass protecting. Blake Bortles held on to the ball too long. You just can’t do that; you need to get rid of the ball. Overall I thought the guys that played the best were the running back as far as making some hay out of plays. I just didn’t think between the quarterback and the offensive line we did very much today. On a lot of our runs there were backside blocks that we didn’t sustain. It’s a win. You congratulate them on the win but obviously I was disappointed in the way we performed.”

On benching Storm Johnson until second half:

“I just wanted him to get his head right after two turnovers. It set the tone both times really, because we were going in for points. I thought Stanback went in and did a good job. He is a good replacement. We put him back in for the second half. He has done a lot of good things but turnovers are what gets you beat. Between him and the passes, you can’t do that.”

On getting his first win over USF:

It’s a good win. I’m glad it was against USF because it will leave something to the rival games in the future. I think this game will grow to be a great game as far as interest level for everybody from the Orlando and Tampa areas. It just doesn’t have a lot of age to it yet. Once it starts having some type of tradition to it I think it is going to be one of those games that people will talk about.”

On the go-ahead touchdown:

“I think luck is when preparation meets opportunity. We throw those routes a lot in practice. Blake threw that against the wind so it was really a heck of a throw.”

On USF defense:

“They took away all of the deep looks and they were moving the front a lot. We weren’t handling the movement very well. We should have been taking advantage of the shorter intermediary routes. He (Bortles) was holding it too long and looking for the deeper cuts, that’s why there were sacks. Then the protection broke down. I said they were a good defense. They came out and executed and did the things that they had to get done. I thought both defenses kept their offenses around tonight.”

On UCF offense:

“We just didn’t execute. They didn’t do anything that we didn’t expect and practice for. We just made poor decisions tonight as far as where the ball should be delivered. I thought they were quicker than we were up front, we didn’t sustain blocks and we held the ball too long. That led to him (Bortles) scrambling so much out of the pocket. You have to throw when they’re open and not wait for the big plays.”

On Blake Bortles

“He threw a good ball against the wind, but that doesn’t make up for the other ones. That was the game winner so I congratulated him on that but he knows he made some mistakes. He caused some of his own problems by holding on to the ball too long.”

On UCF defense:

“I thought they did well. They gave up some plays at the end there, but they made a play when they had to make it. When we threw that last pick and held them to a missed field goal, that was big. That was the game-changer I thought.”

UCF Defensive Lineman Thomas Niles

On the defensive stop prior to the game-winning touchdown:
“We just had to keep them out of the end zone. Don’t let them gain any yards or move the ball, keep them where they’re at. All of us were getting each other fired up and trying to play as hard as we could.”

 On beating USF for the first time:
“I really don’t know too much about it. I’m not from here. But it’s an achievement. We won another game. We get closer to our dream.”

On next week and the stakes:
“We just need to practice hard and be ready. SMU is going to play us just as hard as anybody else. We just need to practice hard and play better, obviously, than we did today.”

UCF Tight End Justin Tukes

On the game-winning touchdown pass to Breshad Perriman
“It was just like being at practice. It was a combo situation and we set it up for Blake. I felt confident in Breshad making that play.”

On comeback victories getting old:
“It doesn’t (get old). We come in every day and we work, we work, we work. It starts to come natural. It’s like ‘OK, this is going to happen.' We just gotta believe and keep working.”

UCF Wide Receiver Breshad Perriman

On the execution of the game-winning touchdown pass:
“It was a great feeling. I just give props to Blake (Bortles) for trusting me and throwing the deep ball.”

On what he saw on the game-winning TD:
“The safety was late and the corner had been seeing our routes all game. So, the safety didn’t get over and Blake stuck it in there. When I broke on the first route, I felt like I had him because he jumped on it hard. I’m just glad he threw it to me.”

On the play of the offense tonight:
“I don’t want to say we were off. But we had a lot of mistakes and hopefully we can get them corrected before SMU.”

UCF Center Joey Grant

On Blake Bortles’ demeanor after the fourth-quarter interception:
“He was obviously disappointed that we didn’t come away with anything. After the pick, we were fortunate to get it back. He knew we had to get it done. We were put in a situation where we have to get it done and we know what we have to do to go out and win our championship and win game to game. He stayed focused and made some plays.”

On if he’s ever been a part of a win with five turnovers:
“I haven’t. But we did it. You’ve just got to keep grinding, keep fighting. Stuff happens and you’ve just got to look forward to the next play. I think we did that tonight.”

On when UCF starts to think about what’s on the line next week:
“You start thinking about it right now. We’re looking ahead to SMU. We gotta go out and win a game away and we know it’s going to be hard. We’re going to be ready and we’re going to prepare for it.”

On feeling lucky or fortunate after comeback wins:
“I definitely feel fortunate. But we come out here and we work and we never give up. Any team could easily just throw in the towel and say ‘Hey, it was a good season.’ But we keep fighting. Of course you feel fortunate. But we’re making the plays happen. You have to make stuff happen to win games and I think we’ve done that.”



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