Noise, Noise, Everywhere!!!

Sept. 13, 2013

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By Chip Fontanazza

On Saturday evening, the Knights will play in front of their largest crowd of the season inside the 106,572 seat Beaver Stadium to face the Penn State Nittany Lions.

Last season, UCF played in a stadium of that size when the team traveled to Columbus, Ohio to clash with the Ohio State Buckeyes in the 102,329 seat Ohio Stadium. To prepare for the loud noises the Knights will deal with at Penn State, the team blasted crowd noise during this past week's practice so the players get used to that loud environment.

The crowd noise was provided by the Miami Dolphins and UCF Video Services edited in the sound of a lion's roar to help simulate the noise Penn State's PA speakers make for every first down and touchdown. The crowd noise audio consisted of a 16 minute clip that played continuously on the speakers at UCF's practice field.

"It helps us get ready for game situations. The younger guys actually thought it was music," joked senior offensive lineman Justin McCray. "They got a little amped up by it. That actually made practice go by a little faster."

"I thought our execution was pretty good, maybe a little bit better," said offensive coordinator Charlie Taaffe. "Sometimes in practice, particularly as it goes on, you get in a little bit of a lull and that noise made them focus in onto what the calls were. So I really think it worked to our benefit."

To hear what the crowd noise sounded like during practice and to find out more of what the players thought watch the video above.

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