UCF's 25th Anniversary Football Team Announced



ORLANDO - The Orlando Sentinel's Silver Anniversary UCF football team was announced today and its members represent each of the previous 24 seasons of UCF football from the linebacker Bill Giovanetti, who played on the first team, to cornerback Asante Samuel and defensive end Elton Patterson, who graduated last year. Three players from the 2003 squad earned honorable mention honors.

The selection of the team was a joint effort of current and former UCF coaches and administrators, and Orlando Sentinel staffers combined with fan balloting. More than 3,500 ballots were mailed in or filled in online. Quarterback Daunte Culpepper received the most votes.

A total of 26 players made the team with one player at each offensive and defensive position along with four specialists. A total of 29 players earned honorable mention honors from the original list of nearly 600 players.

Orlando Sentinel 25th Anniversary UCF Football Team


WR Sean Beckton (1987-90)

WR David Rhodes (1991-94)

OT Cornell Green (1995-98)

OG Marcus Jenkins (1995-98)

C Mike Gruttadauria (1991-94)

OG Jorge Magluta (1982-85)

OT Steve Edwards (2000-01)

TE Don Grayson (1986-87)

QB Daunte Culpepper (1995-98)

TB Willie English (1989-91, '93)

FB Perry Balasis (1987-90)


E Greg Jefferson (1991-94)

T Sylvester Bembery (1984-87)

T Josh McKibben (1998-01)

E Elton Patterson (1999-02)

LB Rick Hamilton (1989-92)

LB Bill Giovanetti (1979-82)

LB Nakia Reddick (1993-96)

CB Asante Samuel (1999-02)

CB Corris Ervin (1984-87)

S Ricot Joseph (1999-01)

S Keith Evans (1986-88)


K Franco Grilla (1989-92)

P Charlie Pierce (1993-96)

KR Ted Wilson (1983-86)

PR Mike Dickinson (1989-92)

Honorable mention

P Javier Beorlegui (1998-01), S Atari Bigby (2001-present), G Andrew Bishop (1987-90), LB Wyatt Bogan (1984-86, '88), C Dan Burke (1979-82), WR/PR Siaha Burley (1997-98), S Eric Buckley (1989-91), LB Mike Coad (1986-87), FB Gerod Davis (1992-95), S Damian Demps (1997-00), DE Emil Ekiyor (1992-93, '95), TB Alex Haynes (2001-present), CB Travis Fisher (1999-01), WR Bernard Ford (1985-87), OT Ray Forsythe (1993-94), TB Mark Giacone (1987, 89-90), OT Alex Goforth (1988-91), QB Darin Hinshaw (1991-94), WR Shawn Jefferson (1988-90), CB Tim Kiggins (1979-80), CB Paul Miranda (1996-98), K Ed O'Brien (1984-87), LB Tito Rodriguez (1998-01), DT Darrell Rudd (1981-84), K Scott Ryerson (1980-83), QB Ryan Schneider (2000-2003), QB Darin Slack (1984-87), TB Marquette Smith (1994-95), LB Bobby Spitulski (1988-91).



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