Holiday Visitors

Dec. 4, 2013

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By Chip Fontanazza

ORLANDO, Fla. ( - During the Thanksgiving holiday, the UCF Knights had a couple special visitors in town for some turkey and football. Members of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) and Croke Park traveled to Orlando from Dublin, Ireland to experience the "I-4 Corridor Clash" and prepare for the Croke Pack Classic this coming August.

"Our trip here, for the past couple of days, has been to get all of the details and make sure when the people of Florida come to Dublin that they have exactly what they want to see and it's seamless," said Stadium Director at Croke Park Peter McKenna.

McKenna, along with GAA Director General Paraic Duffy and Croke Park Operations Manager Alan Gallagher, made the trip overseas for the weekend. Besides experiencing a UCF football game, Knights head coach George O'Leary invited the trio to Thanksgiving dinner with the team, they met with staff members to make sure all of UCF's team needs are met for the game and got to tour the campus.

"Our mission is to try and replicate what you have here in Croke Park," said Gallagher.

"We're working with the city council to get a pep rally or a tailgate and you have to be here to experience what the fans want and what the players want," continued Gallagher. "Entertainment is going to be key - from the band, the cheerleaders and even the music we play. This is something that we have to start planning now because before you know it, it will be here."

To find out more about their trip and what the group is doing to get ready for the Croke Park Classic, watch the video above.



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