Bryce Wallor Q&A

GO KNIGHTS Bryce Wallor began his tenure as UCF's head coach this week.
Bryce Wallor began his tenure as UCF's head coach this week.

Aug. 5, 2009

ORLANDO, Fla. ( - Ask new UCF men's golf head coach Bryce Wallor to describe the last few weeks and his answer is simple and straightforward - hectic. Since being selected as the Knights' head coach, Wallor certainly has been busy.

When Wallor was tabbed for the job on July 23, he was recruiting at an amateur event in New Jersey. After accepting the UCF position, he returned to Knoxville, Tenn., where he concluded his tenure as an assistant coach at Tennessee.

He arrived in Orlando this past weekend and started on campus on Monday. Among other tasks, Wallor is currently working on concluding the Knights' 2009-10 schedule. He recently took time to share his thoughts about his new position.

What attracted you to the vacant head coaching job at UCF?
"I think the total success of the athletics department and the growth of the school were very appealing. Being on campus and looking at the facilities and looking at the development of the program, it is just an exciting time to be involved with UCF. From a golf standpoint, UCF has done a tremendous job in building the practice facility and showing their commitment to the program. There are not a lot of programs that are doing what UCF is doing in this time and this economy for men's golf. It is a really exciting time to be a coach in this environment."

Since you have arrived in Orlando, how has your schedule been?
"The first couple of days were obviously busy. You are working with human resources and signing off on all of your paperwork. Being a coach, you know coaching. You know golf. At this time, you are trying to learn how UCF does it. It has been hectic, but it has been fun."

Have you had an opportunity to visit the UCF Practice Facility at the Twin Rivers Golf Club?
"I have been out there. It looks fantastic. The greens look like they are in great shape. The building is first class. The offices are out there. The video units and the hitting bays are great. It is a very functional practice center."



What are your goals for your student-athletes?
"When I say student-athlete, the student part comes first. I am a big believer in education. I think that a good focus on academics is important. We all know a lot of success stories of student-athletes who went on to be pro athletes. But as the NCAA says, most people go out into the workforce. That is my number one goal - to prepare the young men for life and what is ahead of them. In regards to golf, we will prepare them equally as hard to compete at the highest level they can every day. We are going to try to get better every day. We are going to compete at the highest level of NCAA golf."

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