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GO KNIGHTS Emma Cannon will provide a behind the scenes look at UCF women's basketball throughout the school year.
Emma Cannon will provide a behind the scenes look at UCF women's basketball throughout the school year.

Aug. 27, 2009

EDITORS NOTE: Throughout the 2008-09 season, sophomore Emma Cannon will be writing a blog to give UCF women's basketball fans an inside look of the team on and off the court.

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Hey UCF fans,

Welcome back!!! With the new school year, you find lost freshmen, nowhere to park and the sun seems as if it has nowhere else to be but right above your head as you walk to class. Other than that aren't we just excited about another year at UCF?!? LOL! I know the UCF women's basketball team is eager to begin the new school year. This past weekend we did community service at the Coalition for the Homeless. There we meet and played outside with the kids who lived there.

We started our day with a nice game of Knockout, where I found myself watching most of the game because after one shot one of the young boys knocked me out before I could get my layup in. He actually ended up winning the entire game knocking out jelly, with a little help from me!

After a couple more games of that we began a game of kickball. That's when the real fun started. It was the whole team against the kids and some of our coaches and assistants. It was suppose to be just a game for fun, but we were all too competitive for that. Even our head coach got in and kicked a couple times for the kids' team. She never made it that far though... LOL! In the end we won 14-13, but overall we enjoyed our time with them. Community service is always good for our team, it gives us a chance to realize how fortunate we are and that we should always be grateful for what we have.

We also had a team meeting at Coach Brown's house on Sunday where we ate and talked about our up and coming school/basketball year. On the court, we ended our season on a very good note. Even though it was a great accomplishment to make it to the NCAA tournament we don't just want to settle. We have a lot more we want to do this season, and everyone is on the same page with what it's going to take. But of course the student comes before the athlete so we the players know we have to make it happen in the classroom before we make it happen on the court.



I am officially back for the 2009-10 school year to take you through and keep you posted on what the UCF women's basketball team is getting into. So make sure you stay tuned because your Conference USA champs are back in action to bring you another year you'll never forget!!!

See you soon, E Cannon 24

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