Fashionable Forward



Aug. 29, 2012

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By Jenna Marina

ORLANDO, Fla. ( - As a child, Brittni Montgomery did not envision her future as a wardrobe of high-top sneakers and jerseys but rather high-heels and dresses. However, her DNA proved too difficult to ignore.

"My mom, dad and grandma all played basketball. It's kind of in my genes," Montgomery said. "I struggled with not knowing if I wanted to play when I was really young because I played with dolls and thought I was going to be a `girly girl.' Over time, I just realized that basketball is what I wanted to do."

Montgomery, a junior forward, joined the UCF women's basketball team this summer as a transfer from Virginia Tech. Although she will have to sit out the 2012-13 season due to NCAA transfer rules, she is able to practice with the Knights and believes she can be an asset in this role to help prepare the program for its move to the BIG EAST in 2013-14.

"Being at such a height advantage and already having played in the ACC, I know what to expect," said the 6-foot-3 Montgomery. "I know how fast a post player is going to be or how quickly they react. I am able to block shots and just be strong and I want to make sure they know what's coming in the BIG EAST so that when we get there it won't be such a shell shock. I feel like I can help them progress to get there."

Montgomery is a native of Fort Pierce, Fla. Her mother, Glenda, was the long-time women's basketball coach of Indian River State College, so Montgomery always managed to find herself in a gym. When she realized scholarship opportunities were to be had for female athletes, Montgomery started getting serious about the sport.

She had help. Her younger sister Brandy was a worthy adversary, especially when the two played against each other in high school.

Montgomery's parents tried to enroll her in Lincoln Park, a magnet school, but the waiting list was too long. Instead, Montgomery attended Fort Pierce Central. However, her younger sister managed to gain admittance to Lincoln Park by the time she reached seventh grade, and the school happened to compete in the same district as Fort Pierce Central.

"Those games were intense," Montgomery said. "One parent would have to sit on my side and one would have to sit on my sister's side. They'd cheer us both on but they had to split it up. We won district once. They won district once. The last year they beat us and I was really upset about that because it was a close game but I still gave her props because she's my sister."

Montgomery signed with Virginia Tech in 2010 and averaged a .558 field goal percentage and earned starting nods in five of the 45 games she played in while she was a Hokie. She elected to transfer to UCF and said she clicked with the team instantly.

"Workouts are going great. Everybody pushes each other every day," Montgomery said. "What more can you ask for? A team that's willing to work and we all come in and give 102 percent every day."

She is an interdisciplinary studies major and is also minoring in marketing with the intent to pursue a career as a fashion designer. It seems the `girly' aspect of her personality still resides within her.

"I just like to express myself creatively through clothing," Montgomery said. "I have a thing for being creative. I like to make things, draw. In my spare time I'll do things like cut up a shirt just to do something with my hands. I feel like being creative is cool."



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