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Dec. 14, 2011

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By Jenna Marina

ORLANDO, Fla. ( -- During the 2011-12 season, UCF women's basketball head coach Joi Williams shares her insights on UCF's recent performances and upcoming games in a weekly Q&A. This week, she discusses UCF's move to the BIG EAST and the people in her life whom she couldn't live without.

Q: By now, you have had time to talk with the team about the BIG EAST news. What did you tell the team, and what was the feeling amongst the players about the jump?

For the most part, they were aware that there was a very good chance that we would be joining the BIG EAST. They are excited about the opportunities that it presents, but we are all staying in the present and keeping our focus on the task at hand with Conference USA.

Q: UCF had its best field goal percentage of the season against Savannah State. How much extra work are the players putting into their shooting and do you see it starting to pay off?

We aren't able to get as many shots up in practice as we need to, so we really challenge our team to spend extra time outside of practice working on shooting and getting a lot of repetition. We can see it starting to pay off, and hopefully it will only get better.

Q: Sophomore Leo Montalvo started the last three games for the first time in her career. Talk a little bit about her role on the team and what she showed you to earn that starting spot.

Leo does a very good job of bringing energy to the court and kind of acts as a "sparkplug" for us. Her role on the court is to take care of the basketball by making good decisions and to help us set the tempo that we want.

Q:Assistant coach Bob Starkey recently had a blog post about the underrated role of a coach's spouse. Who would you view as that person for you?

My mom, dad and brother have been the people that have supported me my entire career. They've always encouraged me and have physically been at my games no matter where I was coaching and no matter how good or bad my team was. I'm really grateful for their support and for the sacrifices that they've made.



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