A Modern Renaissance Woman

Feb. 18, 2014

Doig's Personal Photo Gallery

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By Sarah Sherman

ORLANDO, Fla. (UCFKnights.com) -- Sit Robyn Doig down in front of a piano and she could pound out a masterpiece by Bach, Beethoven or Mozart.

Give her a pair of skates and a hockey stick and she is ready to hit the ice. Put a camera in her hand, give her time to wander outside and she'll give you a magnificent photo of nature's landscape. Equip her with a racquet and she could take on any opponent in badminton.

But that's not all.

She also plays the French horn and is a certified piano teacher. All the while, she also happens to be a junior on the UCF women's golf team with aspirations of pursuing a professional golf career.

In an age of specialization for student-athletes, how did Doig become so well-rounded?

"I'm really thankful that my parents gave me the opportunity," said Doig, who has played golf since the age of 3. "I was good at a lot of things, but it was because I always loved doing everything."

Her varied interests are the very things that have helped her cultivate her talent on the course and keep a focused attitude toward golf.

"A lot of the people I know here at UCF have specialized in the sport that they play for their whole life, and sometimes you get burned out," Doig said. "I have done other things, so I'm still ready to go."

Growing up in Ontario, Doig had to put her clubs away at least six months out of the year. Therefore, she had to find other things to occupy her time. She picked up hockey in the winter, but time spent away from sports was dedicated to learning the piano and the French horn.

In high school, Doig played the piano in the jazz band and, thanks to her music teacher, she picked up the French horn and played it in the concert band. She enjoys both instruments too much to concentrate on just one.

"The French horn is a very tough instrument to play," she said. "If you don't know that it's there, you don't hear it, but if you just listen it fills up the song. I love that."

Her equal love of the piano comes from the sheer solidarity that it brings; she does not need anyone else or any other instrument to fill the song.

After Doig's talent was evident, her mother prompted her to get something in return for the time and effort that she put into her lessons.

"I was in piano lessons for so long," Doig said. "I took the grade A and my preliminary theory test so that I could have my teaching card and that actually qualifies as a credit for music in college."

Amid all the activities she dabbles in, Doig picked up photography because she felt like she needed something for herself, something to escape with.

"I guess photography is like my hobby," Doig said. "Just to get away. It's something I've always liked to do."

Doig expresses her love of nature through the art of photography. Her subjects are anything from close-ups of flowers to something that her native country has no lack of, snow.

"I'm from Canada," Doig said. "We get a lot of snow. It blows in different directions and it sits on the trees. It's really cool."

Doig gets to travel a lot with golf, so she uses her talent as a way to document where she has been and all of the cool things she has been able to experience.

"It's not exactly an expression of emotion," Doig said. "But it is kind of a little part of you in a different way."

To add on to the extensive list of extracurricular activities, Doig lends time to community service and volunteer work and is a part of UCF's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) as the liaison between SAAC and career services. She helps fellow student-athletes learn more about opportunities after graduation.

Being a part of so many things has impacted Doig's life in many different ways and will continue to do so. She has learned to be a team player. She has tackled the fine art of time management. She has learned that when she commits to something, hard work and diligence do pay off.

Most of all, she has learned to never give up.

"I was always taught that you can't quit something," Doig said. "Once I start, I have to stick with it."



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