The Attack Of The Bugs

GO KNIGHTS Livia Jakobsson
Livia Jakobsson

March 22, 2005

We left to drive to Bradenton on Sunday morning. It is always nice when we play tournaments close to Orlando. This drive took about two hours. Our practice round went well. It was a bit slow as usual, but we stayed focused the whole round. The course is very similar to Stoneybrook with a few exceptions; there are a lot more hazards on this course. Many of them are environmental hazards, which mean that even if the ball is playable, players cannot enter the hazards. In some instances, this can create a lot of frustration. However, it is the same conditions for all players.

We played 36 holes on Monday, with a shotgun at 8 a.m. When warming up at the driving range, we were attacked by bugs. Bug spray bottles were spotted in all the team carts. They disappeared during the day, but came back at the end of our second round.

After the first day I was low on the team with the scores of 80 and 78. After eating a nice buffet, at the Waterlefe Golf and River Club, we returned to the hotel fairly early. Our shopping pro Holly made the decision to go to the outlet mall across the street, so we just followed her. Unfortunately, we were all tired and not in the mood to hunt for good bargains. Not even Holly managed to buy anything.

On Tuesday we shot a score of 308. Ashley shot a 73 and finished top 20. Lauren and I both shot 76. I finished my round with a triple on my last hole, which was unfortunate. Our last day's team score was a step in the right direction and those are the scores we always should shoot.

Next, we play our State Championship in Miami. But first we are going to enjoy our spring break!



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