Knights Fans, Name That Boat

Feb. 19, 2014

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By Andrew Jennette

ORLANDO, Fla. ( – UCF Rowing is proud to announce that is going to name one of its boats and wants the fans to help.  Fans are invited to watch our video and comment their name suggestion by midnight on Thursday. UCF will take the top five names and then have a vote to see who wins.

“For the fans to be involved to actually put a name on something that’s actually going to be involved in competition, in other sports it’s not as common, but it’s really cool that the fans are going to be involved.” Head coach Becky Cramer said. “A name on a boat is important to a rower. It makes each race personal. Every single day when we pick up that boat, the first thing we do is call it by name. When you lineup on a course, the other competitors are going to see that name. As an athlete, you also know the names of boats you’ve raced against.

The name of the boat will be christened during the men's basketball game against Rutgers on February 26th.

“The point of having a boat name makes it more personal for us,” junior Kayla Thieken said. “It almost becomes part of our uniform. When people race against you, they are going to know the name of your boat and it’s more than just UCF.”

UCF and its fan-named boat will kick off its spring season with the annual Metro Cup. The event takes place on Saturday March 1 in Winter Park.