Rowing Falls to Conference Opponent Tennessee

GO KNIGHTS The UCF second varsity four is preparing for the first race of the day.
The UCF second varsity four is preparing for the first race of the day.

March 24, 2012

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By Michael Garabedian

ORLANDO, Fla. ( - On a morning that saw perfect weather conditions, the UCF rowing team fell short in all four of their races against Tennessee.

The second varsity four kicked-off the duel, with two UCF boats participating in the event. Tennessee crossed the finish-line first with a time of 8:07.8, followed by UCF's "A" and "B" boat with times of 8:35.2 and 9:24.3, respectively.

In the second varsity four, coxswain Lea Kram, Kayla Thieken, Victoria Carroll, Shelby Flynn and Kelly Thiele posted a time of 8:35.5, while the Lady Volunteers were just under eight minutes.

Tennessee sailed to victory in the second varsity eight, recording a time of 7:16.4 to UCF's 7:40.2.

During the final race of the competition, the varsity eight squad led by coxswain Claire Frenkel, Calena Illan, Alyssa Egan, Lucia Pinelli, Chelsey Lauzon, Nina Morgan, Kara Johannesen, Camille Everett and Margaret Lahmeyer lost a nail biter by less than two seconds.

Due to protest by Tennessee coach Lisa Glenn, the match had to be raced for a second time, and again Tennessee got the better of the Knights, as the Lady Volunteers finished in 7:12.9 to UCF's 7:22.2.

The Knights return to action on Saturday, March 24 in the Stetson/Jacksonville Duel at Lake Pickett.


1st - Tennessee 8:07.8
2nd - UCF "A" 8:35.2
3rd - UCF "B" 9:24.3

1st - Tennessee 7:59.4
2nd - UCF 8:35.5

1st - Tennessee 7:16.4
2nd - UCF 7:40.2

1st - Tennessee 7:12.9
2nd - UCF B 7:22.2



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