More Great Grades

May 9, 2014

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By Andy Seeley

ORLANDO, Fla. ( – With the close of another school year, the UCF women’s volleyball program has put together a great year in the classroom yet again.

“When people think of UCF Volleyball, they’re going to understand what’s taking place on the court,” head coach Todd Dagenais said. “But we want to be synonymous with what it means to be a student-athlete.”

The Knights were just that in 2013-14. They put together a 3.37 grade-point average for the academic year, including a 3.32 GPA in the spring and a 3.45 mark in the fall. Seven Knights compiled GPAs of 3.3 or better, including Sarah Nemes, Shelby Foyer, Kaye-Alese Green, DeLaina Sarden, Taylor Wickey, Loren Cory and Jade Hayes.

“This particular group of athletes has really made it a part of their personal pride in the program to achieve at a high level academically,” Dagenais said. “During the fall, we earned over a 3.45 in a hard season, where we achieved more than we’ve ever achieved. This spring, we didn’t make it any easier on them, because we’re trying to prepare for something special this coming fall. Yet, they still rose to the occasion in the classroom.”

In addition the outstanding grade-point averages, one Knight received the highest honor the University of Central Florida bestows upon a student. Green was named to the extremely prestigious Order of Pegasus, which takes into account a student’s academics, leadership, university involvement and community service.



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