Block Party Blog: Nichole Riedel

GO KNIGHTS Nichole Riedel blogs about last weekend's 1-1 split.
Nichole Riedel blogs about last weekend's 1-1 split.

Oct. 27, 2011

By Nichole Riedel

This weekend was a bit unlike the others. We played Tulane at home and then we traveled to Hattiesburg, Miss. to play Southern Miss.

We worked really hard this past week in preparation for Tulane. Before the game we all felt ready to play. Once we stepped on the court there was no stopping us. We beat Tulane in three, and it felt really good. We haven't beaten a team in 3 for a while and that's the kind of win we need to propel us into the second half of conference play.

On Saturday we traveled to Southern Mississippi. Practice went well but as soon as it was done the girls were quick to take off their gear. We were in a hurry to get to dinner! Every time we travel to Southern Miss, we get to eat at this amazing local barbeque restaurant. This time they let us see the smoker where they cook all the meat. Their cooker can hold up to 500 pounds of meat at a time!

Sunday was game day. We battled with Southern Miss for five sets. It was an intense match all the way until the 21st and final point in the fifth set. Southern Miss is very resilient and pushed back. In the end, we came up short and left without the win. However, we left everything on the court and played some good volleyball.



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