UCF Athletics Main Number: (407) 823-3213
UCF Athletics Ticket Sales Number: (407) 823-1000
All phone numbers follow this format: (407) 823-ext unless otherwise indicated

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 Todd Stansbury, Vice President and Director of Athletics 2261 e-mail
 TBA, Director of Executive Operations 2261 e-mail
David Hansen, Senior Associate AD, Internal Operations 3132 e-mail Twitter
     Lauren Perez, Assistant Director of Executive Operations 3132 e-mail
 Brad Stricklin, Senior Associate A.D./CFO 6792 e-mail Twitter
 Jessica Reo, Sr. Associate AD for Student Services 4236 e-mail
 Zack Lassiter, Senior Associate AD for External Operations 882-2270 e-mail Twitter
     James Gilmore, Assistant Director of External Operations 2235 e-mail
 Mark Wright, Assistant Vice President, Athletics Development 2001 e-mail Twitter
 Manoj Chopra, NCAA Faculty Representative 5037 e-mail
 Fax Number 5293  
 Kimya Massey, Associate AD, Academic Services 5357 e-mail Twitter
 Bettyna Lahens, Office Manager 5896 e-mail
  Herb Hopkinson, Associate Director 3980 e-mail
 Sarah Hill, Assistant Director 1515 e-mail
 Jennifer Alger, Assistant Director 2427 e-mail
 Jessica Mills, Learning Specialist 1521  
 Brittney O'Dell, Learning Specialist 1525 e-mail
 Adam Hubbard, Coordinator of Academic Advising Services 3840 e-mail
 Margaret Dann, Coordinator of Academic Advising Services 0550 e-mail
  Derick Brown, Coordinator of Academic Advising Services 1520 e-mail
 Main ASSA Number 5895 e-mail
 Fax Number 3761  
 Terry Rooney, Head Coach 0140 e-mail Twitter
 Kevin Schnall, Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 3260 e-mail Twitter
 Ryan Klosterman, Assistant Coach 4320 e-mail Twitter
 Kyle Sprague, Volunteer Assistant Coach 5265 e-mail Twitter
 Andy Chriscaden, Director of Baseball Operations 4869 e-mail Twitter
 Fax Number 4296  
 Donnie Jones, Head Coach 5805 e-mail Twitter
 Shawn Finney, Associate Head Coach 5806 e-mail
 Darren Tillis, Assistant Coach 0129 e-mail
 Tim Thomas, Assistant Coach 5669


 Brendan Suhr, Director of Program Development 5805 e-mail Twitter
 Craig Brown, Director of Operations 1067 e-mail
 Adam Williams, Assistant Director of Operations 5805


 Fax Number

 Joi Williams, Head Coach 6266 e-mail Twitter
 TBD, Assistant Coach 2985 e-mail Twitter
 Courtney Locke, Assistant Coach 5807 e-mail Twitter
 Joe Silvestri, Assistant Coach 5689 e-mail Twitter
 Kim Boes, Director of Basketball Operations 1317 e-mail
 Matt Oxford, Assistant Director of Women's Basketball Operations 6266 e-mail
 Fax Number 2483  
 Brad Stricklin, Senior Associate A.D./CFO 6792 e-mail Twitter
 Ebony Garcia, Controller 6794 e-mail
 Jonathan Evans, Director of Business Services 0244 e-mail
 Jon Waldrop, Accounting Coordinator 2674 e-mail
 Kathryn DeNisi, Accountant 0689 e-mail
 Yadira Pagan, Gifts Processor 6164 e-mail
 Lisa Franco, Office Assistant 4731 e-mail
 Fax Number 2511  
 Andy Seeley , Assistant AD/Communications (M Golf, W Golf) 2729 e-mail Twitter
 Brian Ormiston, Senior Associate Director (Football, W Tennis) 2409 e-mail
 Jenna Marina, Associate Director (W Soccer, W Basketball) 2464 e-mail
 Dan Forcella, Associate Director (M Basketball, M Tennis) 2142 e-mail Twitter
 Nate Blythe, Assistant Director (M Soccer, X Country, Track/Field, Softball) 6489 e-mail Twitter
 Andrew Jennette, Communications Assistant (Baseball, Volleyball, Spirit, Rowing) 0994 e-mail
 Chip Fontanazza, Multimedia Reporter, Ext. 3-0034 0034 e-mail Twitter
 Fax Number 5293  
 Courtney Vinson, Assistant AD, Compliance 4297 e-mail
  Megan Masias, Director of Compliance 3214 e-mail
 Brittany Clarke, Assistant Director of Compliance 4511 e-mail
 Josh Collier, Assistant Director of Compliance 4513 e-mail
 Fax Number 4354  
 Mark Wright, Assistant Vice President, Athletics Development 2001 e-mail Twitter
 Chris Huff, Assistant AD, Athletics Development
Executive Director, Golden Knights Club
2205 e-mail
 TBD , Associate Director, Athletics Development 3541 e-mail
 Matt Kommer, Assistant Director, Athletics Development/ Premium Seating 882-2871 e-mail Twitter
 Mike O'Donnell, Assistant Director, Athletics Development 0097 e-mail Twitter
 Erin Taute, Assistant Director, Athletics Development/ Special Events 882-1289 e-mail
 Carla Portilla, Development and Administrative Operations Specialist 2086 e-mail
 Shamira Arsala, Graduate Assistant 5695 e-mail
GKC Kids Club, Ext. 3-6165 6165  
 Robert Jones, Director of Equipment Operations 2087 e-mail
 John Whitford, Assoc. Director Equipment Operations 1753 e-mail
 Thaddeus Rivers, Assistant Equipment Manager 1347 e-mail
 Ryan McPhail, Assistant Equipment Manager 4304 e-mail
 Joe Simon, Associate AD/Internal Operations 4299 e-mail Twitter
 Tom Snyder, Assistant AD/Facilities & Event Operations 4954 e-mail
 John Tweedy, Assistant Director/Event Operations 0673 e-mail
 Robert Sample, Director of Sports Turf and Grounds 4598 e-mail
 Matt Bruderek, Asst. Director, Sports Turf & Grounds 0831  
 Anthony Conrath, Facilities Operation Manager 4598 e-mail
 Scotty Patterson, Senior Groundskeeper 4598 e-mail
 Jason Stalvey, Senior Groundskeeper 4598 e-mail
 Andrew Hall, Senior Groundskeeper 4598 e-mail
 William Hoffer, Senior Groundskeeper 4598 e-mail
 Todd Manbeck, Senior Groundskeeper 4598 e-mail
 Paul Bender, Assistant Director of Facilities and Event Operations 4300 e-mail
 Fax Number 4355  
 George O'Leary, Head Coach 5397 e-mail
     Danielle Cumm, Senior Administrative Assistant 5397 e-mail
     Megan Taylor, Administrative Assistant 2342 e-mail
 Marty O'Leary, Assistant AD/Football Operations 2623 e-mail
 Kristy Belden, Director of Player Development 3241 e-mail Twitter
 Manny Messeguer, Special Assistant to the Head Coach 2282 e-mail Twitter
 Charlie Taaffe, Offensive Coordinator 2075 e-mail
 Danny Barrett, Running Backs Coach 5312 e-mail
 Sean Beckton, Wide Receivers Coach 3648 e-mail Twitter
 Mike Buscemi, Tight Ends Coach/Special Teams 6546 e-mail Twitter
 Kirk Callahan, Defensive Backs Coach 5506 e-mail Twitter
 Lorenzo Costantini, Defensive Tackles Coach 0465 e-mail
 Brent Key, Asst. Head Coach of Offense/OL Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 5971 e-mail Twitter
 Allen Mogridge, Defensive Ends Coach 2934 e-mail
 Tyson Summers, Interim Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach 1810 e-mail Twitter
 Andrew Dodge, Defensive Graduate Assistant 2994 e-mail
 Patrick Bastien, Defensive Graduate Assistant 2994 e-mail
 Will Glover, Offensive Graduate Assistant 3495 e-mail Twitter
 Rob Calabrese, Offensive Graduate Assistant 3495 e-mail Twitter
 Sean Fitzgerald, Offensive Quality Control 3495 e-mail
 Paul Carrington, Defensive Quality Control 2994 e-mail
 Keegan Kennedy, Interim Dir. of Player Personnel 3657 e-mail Twitter
 Fax Number 2520  
 Bryce Wallor, Head Coach 1465 e-mail
 David Ellis, Assistant Coach 5630 e-mail
 Fax Number 4634  
 Emily Marron, Head Coach 6448 e-mail Twitter
 Steve Sims, Assistant Coach 3369 e-mail
 Fax Number 4634  
 Brian Reed, Assistant AD, HRRM 6353 e-mail
 Emanuela Briscese, Associate Director 4794 e-mail
 Nathalie Negron, Assistant Director 3215 e-mail
 Fax Number 4634  
 Dave Bouteiller, General Manager 4595 e-mail
 Matt Masterson, Senior Account Executive 3231 e-mail
 Kasondra Lee, Partner Services Coordinator 1754 e-mail
 Fax Number 4697  
 Al Salleh, IT Manager 0589 e-mail
 Denise Reid, Assistant IT Manager 4316 e-mail
 Fax Number 5293  
 Jimmy Skiles, Assistant AD, Fan Development 3198 e-mail Twitter
 Shane Brey, Assistant AD, Sports Marketing 6398 e-mail
 Eric DeSalvo, Assistant Director, Digital & Social Media 4257 e-mail Twitter
 Micheal Garcia , Assistant Director, Marketing and Revenue Generation 3250 e-mail
 David Wynkoop , Assistant Director, Marketing and Revenue Generation 0382 e-mail Twitter
 Carlos Phillips, Graphic Design, Ext. 3-5695 5695 e-mail
 Fax Number 5293  
 Becky Cramer, Head Coach 4301 e-mail
 Conny Kirsch, Assistant Coach 3559 e-mail
 Megan Mitchell, Assistant Coach 3558 e-mail
 Kristen Larson, Graduate Assistant 4353 e-mail
  Brad Woodrick, Boatright TBD e-mail
 Fax Number 4634  
 Terry Cooksey, Director of Ticket Operations 4314 e-mail
 Amanda Hansell, Assistant Director, Ticket Operations 1985 e-mail
 Mike Yannuzzi, Assistant Director, Ticket Operations 1065 e-mail
 Jeff Keisler, Director of Sales and Service 4542 e-mail
 Ashley Cyb, Sales & Service Account Executive 1398 e-mail
 Bryden Feighery, Sales & Service Account Executive 882-1596 e-mail
 Will Kuntemeier, Sales & Service Account Executive 882-1595 e-mail
 Matt Stover, Sales & Service Representative 1484 e-mail
Ticket Sales Number 1000  
 Ticket Sales Fax Number 2930  
 Bryan Cunningham, Head Coach 2262 e-mail
 Will Clayton, Assistant Coach 5827 e-mail
 Antti Laitinen, Assistant Coach 4774 e-mail
 TBD, Volunteer Assistant Coach 0605 e-mail
 Fax Number 4634  
 Tiffany Roberts Sahaydak, Head Coach 6345 e-mail Twitter
 Tim Sahaydak, Associate Head Coach 5819 e-mail Twitter
 Jamie Corti, Assistant Coach 6611 e-mail Twitter
  Cody Terell, Director of Operations 0471 e-mail
 Fax Number 0756  
 Renee Luers-Gillispie, Head Coach 6891 e-mail
 Ruben Felix, Assistant Coach 4298 e-mail
 Hillary Barrow, Assistant Coach 4773 e-mail
 Michelle Felix, Director of Operations 6401 e-mail
 Fax Number 0579  
 Linda Gooch, Head Coach 2143 e-mail
 Fax Number 5293  
 Mary Vander Heiden, Director of Sports Medicine 0963 e-mail
 Jud Fann, Assistant Athletic Trainer - Football 0585 e-mail
 Samantha Visco, Assistant Athletic Trainer - Women's Soccer, M & W Tennis 0031 e-mail
 Chris Joseph, Assistant Athletic Trainer - Football 2103 e-mail
 TBD, Assistant Athletic Trainer - M Basketball, M Golf 0130 e-mail
 Angela Lawrence, Assistant Athletic Trainer - W Basketball 4955 e-mail
 Edmeston Woodley, Assistant Athletic Trainer - Football, Track & Field 2103 e-mail
 John Lee, Assistant Athletic Trainer - Baseball 4303 e-mail
 Andy Arrendondo, Athletic Trainer - Track & Field, Cross Country 2030 e-mail
 Olivia Jackson, Graduate Assistant - Softball, Spirit Teams 0031 e-mail
 Joe Klanecky, Graduate Assistant - Football, Cheer 2030 e-mail
 Brant Hawkins, Graduate Assistant - Men's Soccer, Rowing 4303 e-mail
 Tabitha Santiago, Graduate Assistant - Track & Field, Cross Country 2030 e-mail
 Craig Wilder, Graduate Assistant - Volleyball, Varsity/Novice Rowing 5302 e-mail
 Sheila Klausner, Physical Therapist 259-5211 e-mail
 Farrah Sinclair, Insurance Coordinator 0095 e-mail
 Tara Gidus, Nutritionist   e-mail
 Kristina LaRue, Nutritionist   e-mail
 Fax Numbers WDSC: 6744
JBF: 4296
  Ed Ellis, Director of Strength & Conditioning 0252 e-mail
 Tredell Dorsey, Asst. Director of Strength & Conditioning 1796 e-mail
 Luke Day, Assistant Coach 6889 e-mail
 Tracy Prosser, Assistant Coach 1751 e-mail
 Ben O'Donnell, Assistant Coach 2473 e-mail Twitter
 Joe Howard, Assistant Coach 6523 e-mail
 Fax Number 2520  
 Jessica Reo, Sr. Associate AD for Student Services 4236 e-mail
 Keith Embray, Assistant AD, Student Services 3126 e-mail
 Ben Rodriguez, Assistant Director, Student Services 2907 e-mail
 Fax Number 5293  
 Bobby Cashman, Head Coach 2257 e-mail
 Mark McGuigan, Assistant Coach 5639 e-mail
 Fax Number 5293  
 Stephanie Nickitas, Head Coach 6563 e-mail
 Tony Giannoni, Assistant Coach 5853 e-mail
 Fax Number 5293  
 Jeanette Bolden, Head Coach 0096 e-mail Twitter
 Jeff Chakouian, Assistant Coach 2411 e-mail Twitter
 Johnny Gray, Assistant Coach/Cross Country 0487 e-mail
 Marilyn Okoro, Director of Operations 0488 e-mail
 Fax Number 0756  
 John Kvatek, Director of Video Services 2026 e-mail
 Christina Black, Director of Coaching Video and Technology 4538 e-mail
 David Belawski, Director of Production Services 0059 e-mail
 Chris Roth, Media Production Specialist, Graphics 882-0439 e-mail
 Chip Fontanazza, Multimedia Reporter, Ext. 3-0034 0034 e-mail Twitter
 Josh Vinson, Media Production Specialist 0034 e-mail
 Fax Number 2520  
 Todd Dagenais, Head Coach 6229 e-mail Twitter
 Michelle Chatman, Assistant Head Coach 2025 e-mail Twitter
 Nicki Holmes, Assistant Coach 3255 e-mail Twitter
 Dani Harrison, Director of Operations TBD e-mail
 Fax Number 0756