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Wayne Densch Sports Center

The Wayne Densch Sports Center is a state of the art facility that houses the weight room, football locker room, training room, and coaches offices. The weight room is an 11,200-square foot training facility which includes free weights, machines, cardio equipment and is complete with a mixing room for better distribution of nutritional supplementation.

The strength center is one of the finest training facilities in college athletics. The center features 14 multi-purpose platform/combo racks with bench, incline, squat, and pull-up capabilities. Each platform contains full sets of customized Eleiko training plates. There is also a variety of Sorinex Exercise equipment, Hammer Strength, York Barbell, Dynabody and Powerlift training equipment. The facility also has two sets of Ivanko dumbbells ranging from five to 150 pounds.

The Knights are constantly working on their speed, quickness, and endurance training with over eight specialized speed training devices, including the Vertimax and Manskill sleds. With the excellent weather in Florida, the Knights take advantage of training on one of three practice fields or running track, both with quick and convenient access located behind the Wayne Densch Sports Center. In case of inclement weather, the strength staff utilizes the Nicholson Fieldhouse, a 120-yard indoor field turf. The Knights are the only school in the state of Florida to have an indoor facility. The Nicholson Fieldhouse is located just 20 yards behind the Wayne Densch Sports Center.


The number one objective of the Knights Strength & Conditioning Program is to achieve maximal level of performance of each student-athlete while reducing the occurrence of athletic injuries through a sport specific program that is designed and administered by a member of the Knights' coaching staff.

Training programs are designed to increase an athlete's strength, speed, agility, flexibility, conditioning, and explosiveness all important components in developing a highly-skilled collegiate athlete. Through a wide range of training protocols such as Olympic lifting, power lifting, strong man training, and accommodating resistance training such as with bands and chains, the strength staff's programs are always challenging the athlete to become faster and stronger.

The UCF Strength and Conditioning Staff challenge each athlete to bring an attitude of hard work, accountability, and total effort to each workout so that the athlete will improve both physically and mentally. All full time strength coaches at UCF are certified SCCC through the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Association CSCCa or National Strength and Conditioning Association CSCS.

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