Youth Team Soccer Team Experiences - Only $2
Online Reservation Form: Grade 8 & younger

Youth Team Coaches/Group leaders: Please complete the online reservation form below up to 24 hours prior to kick-off (walk-up gameday group sales not permissible) to submit a purchase request for your group experience.

Teams report as a group to the marketing table at the main gate to pick up tickets on gameday. Gates open 60 minutes prior to kickoff and seating is general admission.

A UCF Athletics representative will contact you in advance of match day to coordinate your group experience.

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Team Introductions (one group per match):
Ball Kids (minimum age 12; one group per match):
Halftime Scrimmage or Penalty Kicks (one group per match):
On-Field Photo (open to all teams):
Pizza Party Sept. 27th (open to all teams):

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